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” What’s in the Bag?”

8 Dec

Hello Hummingbird families,

We have been busy this week getting ready for Chanukah! We introduced ” What’s in the Bag?” to the kids and they are loving it. We have a bag filled with Chanukah goodies, dreidels, candles, and a Menorah, and we sing with them ” What’s in the bag?”, and then one by one introduce each of the items. We did the blessings for lighting the Menorah and sang many Chanukah songs. By the end of the week, the kids were asking for “Whats in the bag?” and their faces lit up when we did it!  They really enjoyed watching us light the Menorah and are saying ” dreidel” and ” candles ” all the time now. We are getting so excited about our party next week, we can’t wait to see you there!

We hope you enjoy the pictures,

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


Big Milestone!

9 Nov

Hello Hummingbird families!

We have had an awesome week. The kids are really branching out and continuing to increase their language and play. We are seeing so many hugs and happy faces when friends come into the classroom or just because they are so happy to be with each other.

One of their new favorite activity is helping us put out the mats for nap. They are having a blast running and laying on the mats together ,as you will see in some of the pictures below.

This week, we have done a  few art projects which they are beginning to have more of an interest in now and are staying at the table longer. They really love stickers and glitter!

We are excited to tell you that we have just begun our transition to a later nap time of closer to noon instead of 11:30. We noticed they aren’t as tired and are so engaged in play that it came naturally to try this change and they have responded really well to it. We are beginning lunch around 11:30, which has slowly moved from our original start time of 11:00. This shows how much they have grown since the beginning of the year and we are really proud of them and this milestone.

We hope you enjoy the pictures !

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


October 30th – November 3rd

3 Nov

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning


This week we continued our learning about ramps.  We used long blocks that were covered with different materials such as tin foil, a towel, and strips of velcro to explore friction.  The children experimented with the different ramps to see what objects would go down the ramp and which ones got stuck.  We sent cars down two different ramps at the same time to see which ramp was faster, when one was covered with material and the other wasn’t.  The class discussed the reason why cars went faster on the smooth blocks and slower on the bumpy ones.  We also looked at other things that affect the speed of the cars such as the angle of the ramp.  To help us understand friction, we did an experiment.  We put different objects down a wooden block ramp to see which ones went fast (creating less friction) and which objects went slower (creating more friction).

Exploring Ramps During Open Exploration


We continued our hammering fun by hammering golf tees into a pumpkin using real, small hammers.  At the end of the week we got to cut the pumpkin up and explore the slimy insides!

Nature Walk

We went on a walk around the school campus collecting leaves, sticks, pine cones, etc. We will use the materials for art in the coming days.


Trash Sorting!

The children are very conscientious about putting their trash in the correct bin (compost, recycling or trash), but they have been having a hard time remembering what goes where, which results in many questions for us at lunch and snack time!  So we collected different kinds of trash and this week the children helped us sort it into the right bins. We then made posters for each bin to help the children remember.

Second Step

As we continued to practice how we can greet and welcome new people into our classroom, the Eagles each took a “guest” (an animal figure) on a tour around the classroom. Their challenge was not to just name the activity or area in the classroom, but to explain to their guest what you can do with that activity. It wasn’t easy at first, but after a bit we could hear children telling their animal guest things like, “This is a color poster. You can use it to learn about the Hebrew colors.” Or, “These are ramps. You can put cars on them and see them go down.” After a few minutes, we gathered back together so some Eagles could share what they talked about on their tour.

We also played a Brain Game. Part of the Second Step program is geared towards helping Early Learners become more focused listeners. Brain Games are simple, but fun ways to practice listening and focusing. The game had only two rules: 1) Watch what I do. 2) Do the same. Morah Sheryl led the group in different hand motions and body movements and the children did a great job of following her lead. They were really focused and engaged.




Avraham and Sarah hurry to welcome guests into their tent at the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, Vayera. This mitzvah, hachnasat orchim, is part of the Second Step learning and the children enjoyed sharing their expertise on the matter. We reviewed all of the actions (like offering food and drink, sharing toys) and potential emotions (excitement, disappointment) involved in welcoming others into your home.

We discussed how Avraham’s tent had four doors so he could always welcome guests and counted doors on our tent and classroom. We created a project to give form to the idea of welcoming guests, where each child included their words on how Avraham and Sarah welcomed guests and how they themselves perform this mitzvah. The answers ranged from practical to spiritual to hilarious!

Hashem promised Avraham that he and Sarah will have as many children as their are sand on the ground and stars in the sky. We contemplated the number and nature of both of these items. We pretended to be them. We played with sand and items similar to stars. And we made a project out of both because we want to be shiny, beautiful, and guide others, like a star and we want to be fun to play with and able to close to others, like the sand. We all have traits of each and are all parts of Hashem’s promise. We are Jewish people!

Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Asher’s family for hosting a fun Shabbat Party.  We also celebrated Asher’s 5th Birthday – Happy Birthday Asher!



Story Drama

This week Morah Anne Marie read the book “Leonardo the Terrible Monster!” By Mo Willems.  Ask you child what the BIG problem was and how they solved it.


This week for art we went hunting for Spider webs!  The children had clipboards and they looked at the different shapes of the webs and tried to find the spiders.

Hummingbirds exploration

3 Nov

Hello Hummingbird families,

We have been anxiously awaiting this blog because we have seen a dramatic increase in play this past week  and have been so excited to share with you.

We are noticing that the children are not only playing on their own more, and alongside each other, but there have been sections of the room and toys that have not been interested in until now. This shows us that their minds are expanding and opening up to new ideas and interests.

The kids are beginning to get books from the bookshelf on their own and bringing them to us so we can read to them. They are also really enjoying sitting with a book and looking at them on their own or with each other.

The kitchen has definitely become more popular and they are having a blast getting food and pretending to cook and eat it. This has been a great teaching opportunity for us because we are starting to hear ” Mine” a lot. We are helping them to share and use their words instead of taking from one another or getting upset.

The vacuum cleaner has become a staple in the classroom  and seems to have the attention of every hummingbird.  They seem to be more interested in cleaning in general so we are encouraging them to clean up after themselves now more than ever because we know they are capable of it!

The cars has been getting a lot of use lately and they are practicing taking turns putting them down the track. They are seeking out the cars and asking for them  if they don’t see them in front of them.

We have been rearranging the room based on the children’s interests and wanted to utilize the space better so they can further their exploration. The children are loving our new set up and we are excited for them to continue investigating the world through our classroom.

Enjoy the pictures!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha

Just a reminder, next Friday November 10th is our first short Friday, with dismissal at 2:00. Our plan is to keep lunch and nap time the same, waking kids up around 1:15 and bringing them up at 1:45. 


Another wonderful week !

29 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families,

We hope you have enjoyed seeing your lovely children  at play! It is our goal to show you what our day looks like and just how capable these little kids are. We have been super encouraged by all the new words we are hearing and their efforts to play next to their friends and even help them. We are starting to see the children cleaning up and even initiating it on their own. They love handing each other water bottles, jackets, and toys.

We can appreciate how hard it must have been for the kids to not have a consistent schedule lately and we are so proud of how they have adapted to being back at school full time. They are really coming into their own and feeling so comfortable without being only attached to us. We have seen numerous occasions where kids are welcomed into the class by other kids who are saying their name or run after them for a hug! It is just too cute!

We hope you like our photos and VIDEOS from this week!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha