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Short, busy, fun week with the Chickadees

19 Sep

This week was short, but filled with Rosh Hashanah celebrations and fun in the classroom. The Chickadees tasted apples and honey, listened to Morah Gail blow the shofar, tried blowing the shofar (which was cleaned well between each Chickadee!), and painted with fall colors. We hope everyone has a wonderful Rosh Hashanah with their families and are excited to see everyone next week!

Thank you!

20 Jun

Thank you so much for the most wonderful year! We had such an amazing time with your children and getting to know you all as well. All three of us created a special bond with each of your kids and we are forever grateful for that! Enjoy our last pictures and have an amazing summer!!!!

So much love,

Julia, Eli, and Ronisha

Sensory table and art fun!

24 Feb

We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! It was so nice to see the Chickadees again on Tuesday, we missed them! We have had a great week. We’ve begun to talk to the Chickadees about Purim and they are very excited about their costumes and the Purim Carnival (on March 10th). We are really looking forward to doing more Purim activities and telling the story of Esther in the coming weeks.

This week we put dirt in the sensory table. It was really fun to watch the Chickadees explore the dirt in different ways. They poured, patted, dug and scooped. There were also snakes, bugs, and reptiles buried in the dirt. The Chickadees found these animals with such excitement! They became a great source of imaginative play throughout the week.

As always, the Chickadees did a lot of art this week! They are such creative artists and it impresses us how focused they are. They are very proud of their finished works and are often very excited to put their creations in their backpacks. This week we did painting (with fingers and brushes), glue collages, and coloring.

We love having library on Tuesday’s. It is a special time when Morah Stella reads us new books and the Chickadees are attentive listeners. The Chickadees also enjoy picking out books of their own to check out and bring to the classroom. These books are read repeatedly through out the week. We are so lucky to have such a great library to visit, we always come back with a diverse selection of books for our classroom for the week!

The Chickadees had a lot of fun in My Gym this week! Moreh Ryan brought us a tumbling roll and the Chickadees were so excited to try it. The had so much fun rolling forwards and backwards, balancing, and rolling inside the tube! This was a great opportunity to practice taking turns and being patient. There was a lot of laughter in My Gym this week! We love seeing the Chickadees engage with Moreh Ryan and try new things.

The Chickadees had a fantastic week! We are a happy class full of readers, builders, chefs, princesses, and loving and caring friends.

Our first video!

21 Feb

Hello Hummingbird families,

Last week was a short, but great week. We were able to spend a lot of time on the playground since the weather was cooperating. We played with bubbles a lot which the kids absolutely love. We did a few art project where we used stickers and crayons. We even decorated paper dinosaurs.The kids fine motor skills are developing really well and they are beginning to take stickers of the sheets all by themselves!  It has been really amazing to see the progress the kids have made in terms of being able to sit and focus on one activity or project for longer periods of time. They are all growing up so quickly and we are amazed by them every day!

We are  very excited to announce that we are able to post videos on the blog now! Below, you can watch our first video of the kids in my gym, playing our very first full on game as a class!

Enjoy the pictures!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha

Another wonderful week!

13 Feb

Dear Hummingbird Parents,

We decided to do the blog a little differently this time. With over 300 pictures to share, there are not words to describe the pleasure and amusement of each day with your little ones. These pictures speak for themselves for what life is like with two year olds!  Embrace the energy and enjoy our pictures of your hilarious, sweet, and wonderful kids!


Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha