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20 Oct



This week we introduced the Days of Creation to the Robins’ with an all out extravaganza. With morning meetings that included making a Creation mural (which is not yet completed) in large group and tons of hands on activities, the Creation week long unit has been such a hit that we will continue with more on creation next week. Perhaps the best part of the entire unit is “The Creation Mural we have started.” This fun and purposeful mural is being created not only by all of the students but with the help of Eli’s mom Melissa (Thank you Melissa for all your help in the Robins’ room).This mural will hang in the classroom all year long, stop by next month and take a peek at the completed project.

The kids all understand how Hashem worked so hard for 6 full days and was so tired that on the 7th. day Hashem rested and we have Shabbat!  It’s been so long since we have had a full week of school, the Robins all got very excited for making Challah and singing with Moreh David for Shabbat.


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom, Morah Gail & Zack


19 Oct

Have you ever used a geo board? Many of you may remember using them in elementary school. If your not familiar with them, geo boards are learning toys that involve a grid of pegs that you can wrap rubber bands around. Usually they are used in a classroom setting to explore math concepts such as measurement, area and shapes, they’re also great for developing fine motor skills and experimenting with lines and shapes in a more artistic sense. So, this morning, I set out the boards along with a basket full of rubber bands, and sat back to watch the show.

IMG_6182 IMG_6141


As the Robins trickled in the room, almost all of them spent some time exploring the geo boards. I’m sure there will be some requests for it tomorrow!

IMG_6138IMG_6125 IMG_6123 IMG_6129

With all the rain and wind we also had some fun indoor recess activities.



Shalom, Morah Gail & Zack


17 Oct

Welcome back to the first full week of school. After spending time sharing our Simchat Torah memories, we began with the very first story in the Torah, the story of Creation. Before the world was created, there was only Hashem and the Torah. Hashem wanted to create a world where people would take care of the Torah,IMG_6119 do mitzvot, like sharing,


giving Tzedakah, IMG_6115celebrating Shabbat, and so on. And so Hashem created the world. Did Hashem use tools to make the world? No! He used words that were made up of the special Aleph Bet letters. Through a book and song, IMG_6114the Robins’ learned what was created on each day, concentrating mainly on the first day. The children played a game by matching the item to its day of creation.

CREATION Tune of “Are You Sleeping”

Hashem created: Hashem created
Light and Dark: Light and Dark
That was on the first day: That was on the first day,
It was good: It was good.

Hashem created: Hashem created,
Heavens and the Earth: Heavens and the Earth
That was on the second day: That was on the second day
It was good: It was good.

Hashem created: Hashem created,
Land and Plants: Land and Plants
That was on the third day: That was on the third day,
It was good: It was good.

Hashem created: Hashem created,
Sun, Moon, and Stars: Sun, Moon, and Stars
That was on the fourth day: That was on the fourth day
It was good: It was good.

Hashem created: Hashem created,
Birds and Fish: Birds and Fish
That was on the fifth day: That was on the fifth day
It was good: It was good.

Hashem created: Hashem created,
Creatures on Land: Creatures on Land
People too! People too!
That was on the sixth day: That was on the sixth day
It was good: It was good.

Then Hashem rested: Then Hashem rested
Shabbat Shalom: Shabbat Shalom.
That was on the seventh day: That was on the seventh day
All was good: All was good.



10 Oct

“Little Torah, Little Torah, Let me hold you tight!

Teach me, Teach me, all your mitzvot so I  do them right!

The Torah teaches what we do, Torah, Torah, I Love You!”


Simchat Torah is such a fabulous holiday the reading of the Torah goes on portion by portion throughout the year, throughout the ages, in everlasting cycles. The Torah is concluded on Simchat Torah, but it is also immediately started again from the beginning. This shows that there is no end to the Torah and that it must be read and studied constantly, over and over again.


And so here are a few things we have been doing~ preparing for the great celebration!


We spoke about how a Torah is written on Parchment using a Quill and ink… we each made a stuffed Torah that we can use on Simchat Torah.





Shalom, Morah Gail & Zack

Reminder-SHA will be closed October 11-13




2 Oct

I have a little sukkah

With 3 walls and a door

It doesn’t have a ceiling

It doesn’t have a floor

The Schach will be the ceiling

The earth will be the floor

I’ll take my Etrog and my Lulav

I’m ready now for sure



Sukkah Sukkah Sukkah

I like to sit in you

I like to wave my lulav

and my etrog too

(to the tune of I have a little Dreidle)


Morah Gail read us a story about a little boy preparing for Sukkot. In the story the boy helps his Ima (mother) and Abba(father) build a Sukkah.

We talked about how a Sukkah has three walls, but no ceiling or floor! We also talked about how the roof of a Sukkah needs to let a bit of the sky in; if it rains we may feel some of the raindrops.


The Hebrew name for the roof is schach, made from branches that have been cut or have fallen, Morah Gail said on her Sukkah at her house she uses bamboo sticks for schach.

We built miniature Sukkah’s with popsicle sticks, branches and lots of glue. To gather the schach we went on a nature walk to collect leaves and twigs. We also finished building the class Sukkah.

We hold a Lulav with an Etrog

we make a blessing loud and clear.

We wave the Lulav in all directions,

We’re so happy Sukkot is here.

(To the tune of Oh my darling clementine)

Just a reminder NO school Wednesday-Friday!

Morah Gail & Zack



27 Sep

Have you ever stepped back and really watched your child play? It’s one of the most interesting things in the world to me. We can set up an activity with a certain intention in mind and it will wind up being played with in a completely different way.

For example, Dramatic play:

Some friends decided it would be a good day for a camping trip. Almost all of the friends decided that before the camping trip they must first get on an airplane.



E.V, E.N. S.A. and L.L. were playing in the kitchen. E.V. said, “Hey, let’s go camping!” The friends agreed and got busy packing up some dishes, (sleeping bags) blankets and of course a few stuffies. E.N. said, “We must take an airplane over to the camp grounds.”

The friends asked if we could help by turning the tables into a tent. They also asked for some help in bringing the chairs over and turning the dramatic play area into an airplane. So we got busy with helping while the children packed up the room for the big camping trip.




Such a fun day we all had!

Grateful for sweet things!

18 Sep


Morah Gail: 3 days until Rosh Hashanah!

S.A.: It is the New Year.

E.N.: We do sweet things.


Morah Gail: As we think of the sweet things we can do, we can think of the sweet things Hashem has given us. I am thankful Hashem lead me to the Robins class and I am so thankful for all of you sweet children.



Tell me something sweet in your life that makes you thankful to Hashem.

N.F: My Emma and Abba.

B.S.W: Giving me to my family.

R.B.: Having my baby sister.

E.M.: Getting to play tag with S & N.

E.L: My sister.

K.A.: my sister visits me at lunch time.

H.R.: When my friends play with me.

S.A.: My Dad.

L.L.: My new house.

E.V: Playing with my friend M.B. on Shabbat

R.H: My big brother Y.H.

M.T.: Playing with my Sabba

E.N.: Going on an airplane with Zayde and visiting Disneyland

Morah Gail: We have so many sweet blessings.

Morah Gail: Hashem has blessed us with a beautiful world. On very clear days when I have the chance to see the mountains in our area, I feel so grateful. Let’s take a nature walk and see what beautiful things Hashem has for us.

Morah Gail: It is a pretty gray day. Why does Hashem send rain clouds?

B.S.W: To water the plants!

Morah Gail: Should we be sad about the gray clouds then?

Kids: No!

Morah Gail: What do you see?

M.T.: Moss!

S.A..: Trees!

E.M.: Plants!

E.L..: Birds!

Morah Gail: How do we feel when we see all the beauty in our world?

R.B. .: Good.

E.N.: Happy.

Morah Gail: When we are feeling happy, what do we feel like doing?

A.C..: Sweet kind things!

There was discussion about the fact that sometimes we may not feel like being sweet and kind.

When we choose to do something sweet and kind anyway, we end up feeling much happier.


We finished off the day with a group art project where we dipped apples cut in half into paint and then stamped them onto butcher paper. Remember: process, not product. The children began by simply stamping the apple onto the paper creating a lovely apple print…you could even see the star in the middle! This didn’t last long. “What would happen if…” began to take hold and the children were quickly rubbing the apples all over the paper, completely smearing over the lovely prints and had a great time doing it.


L’Shana Tova, Morah Gail & Zack