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Friendships are blooming !

23 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families!

We are just having the best time with all of your wonderful children. Each child has come so far since the beginning of the year and every day we are seeing more smiles and personalities coming out.

This past week we have seen an explosion of language from the kids. It has been so exciting to hear new words and sentences coming from them. We love to hear them say each others name and ours too! We can’t wait to continue observing and encouraging their new words.

The kids are also beginning to play in the same areas as each other. Although they aren’t quite in the cooperative play stage yet, they are definitely interested in what each other are playing with. We are seeing them pass each other balls, hand each other books, following each other to different stations, giving each other hugs, and much more! They are really beginning to see each other as friends and it is just wonderful to watch.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, we are so proud of your kids!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


Welcome back!

16 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families!

We are entering our first full week at school in a long time and we are thrilled to be back. We hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and family.

We have had such a wonderful time celebrating the holidays at school and we hope you enjoy the extra amount of pictures from the past two short weeks. We are looking forward to getting back into a routine and having (mostly) full days and weeks of school ahead of us for a while.  The kids have had a great first day back and we are so happy to see their smiling faces!

Have a wonderful Monday,

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha

Happy Hummingbirds

2 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families!

Last week was another wonderful week. Your little hummingbirds are so happy at school and we are thrilled to see their smiles.

We introduced dot markers, feathers, and pipe cleaners this week for art projects which the kids had a wonderful time using and exploring.

The playground is becoming one of their favorite places. When we say it is time to go outside, the kids run to the door and scream ” outside!” They are climbing on their own, riding bikes, coloring with chalk, playing with balls, and much more !

They are having a blast with Moreh Ryan in My Gym!

We are looking forward to short but lovely week! We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha