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Tons of Indoor Fun!

20 Oct

It was so nice to have a full week of school again and to see everyone after the long weekend! During this full week, we were able to try so many new projects! Even though it was very rainy, we still had a lot of fun playing in the classroom and in the Nest.

We brought in a pumpkin for the class to explore. Before we cut it open, each Chickadee felt the smooth skin and the rough stem. We talked about it’s color, shape, and weight. The Chickadees loved seeing what was inside the pumpkin! We encouraged them to use their senses of touch, smell, and sight to explore the pumpkin. Then, the Chickadees helped us take out all the seeds. They did a great job digging for the seeds and pulling them out. We even baked the seeds so they could use the sense of taste to try the seeds.

This week we used our gluing skills a lot! We collected leaves outside on Monday and used liquid glue and paintbrushes to glue the leaves down and make a leaf collage! The Chickadees spread out the glue and pressed down hard on the leaves to make sure they stuck. The collage hung inside our classroom during the week to bring some of the outside in!

Later in the week, we made another collage with feathers, foam shapes, and puff balls. We were so impressed at how well these colorful collages turned out! The Chickadees covered almost the entire paper!

Because it was so rainy this week, we had lots of time for classroom play! We love watching the creative and imaginative play that happens in the classroom.

We have missed our library time! We were happy to go back to library this Thursday and listen to Morah Nicola read us books. The Chickadees are always excited to pick out their own books to bring to the classroom and read throughout the week.

Another art project we did this week was painting with cedar fronds. The Chickadees found many of these outside on the field. We thought they would make great paint brushes! We love seeing the Chickadees use different kinds of paint brushes and explore the different ways they can mark their papers.

We are so lucky to have the Nest to go to for indoor recess. It is always filled with laughter, playing, reading, singing, and building!

Today, we were so excited celebrate Shabbat at school this week! The Chickadees loved having Shabbat Sing-a-long with Moreh David, making challah, and having a play-date with the Hummingbirds! This is such a special time that we look forward to every week!


Our beautiful Chickadee class!

Short Weeks in the Sukkah!

10 Oct

We have had a fun few days in the Chickadee classroom these past two weeks. One highlight was eating our snack in the Sukkah on our playground last week! The Chickadees have loved playing in the Sukkah, painting it, and eating in it.

We celebrated fall by collecting leaves and using them as paintbrushes. The Chickadees used their leaves to brush, stamp, spread, dab, and twirl.

Last week we took our very first a nature walk as a class! The Chickadees did a great job holding onto our walking rope and staying in order. We saw cars, stairs, flowers, and rocks! We encourage the children to use all their senses; smelling the flowers, feeling the rocks, and listening to the cars and birds.

Today we introduced glue sticks. The Chickadees glued down pieces of tissue paper to their own pieces of paper. It was great to see how focused they were with this new experience.

Of course, we also had a lot of fun classroom time during these short weeks. The Chickadees are a busy bunch who play, read, build, and create so well together.

We have enjoyed the nice weather and played a lot on our playground!

It has been a joyful two weeks with the Chickadees celebrating Sukkot and growing together!


Enjoying the Beautiful Autumn!

28 Sep

Since we have a short Friday this week, the blog is arriving today! We have had a great week in the Chickadee classroom. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outside as much as possible. We also enjoyed our classroom time and continue to spend a morning or two a week in the gym. We are lucky to have the gym available to us most mornings and the Chickadees love starting their day off with running, balls, hula hoops, and rings.

My Gym was so much fun! The Chickadees played with scarves, balls, and bowling pins. We saw a lot of dancing with the scarves, tossing the balls, and using the pins to push the balls around. It is always exciting to watch the Chickadees find unique ways to play with these new toys.

The weather was so beautiful today that we decided to explore the “fire drill” field. The Chickadees ran, skipped, walked, and tip toed around the field. They also played Ring Around the Rosy and felt rough and smooth trunks of trees. We looked for pinecones and leaves and even found a bug!

We took advantage of the nice weather and really enjoyed our time outside. Our recess is such a valuable time for the Chickadees to run, climb, push, throw, slide, and surround themselves in imaginative play.

We also enjoyed our classroom time this week! Play Dough continues to be a big hit, as does imaginative play in the kitchen and with dress up. The Chickadees also love to build with the many different materials in the classroom, play with cars, and use the peg boards!

It has been a full and fun week with the Chickadees! Have a great weekend!


Short, busy, fun week with the Chickadees

19 Sep

This week was short, but filled with Rosh Hashanah celebrations and fun in the classroom. The Chickadees tasted apples and honey, listened to Morah Gail blow the shofar, tried blowing the shofar (which was cleaned well between each Chickadee!), and painted with fall colors. We hope everyone has a wonderful Rosh Hashanah with their families and are excited to see everyone next week!

Rosh Hashanah Celebrations

15 Sep

It has been fun, busy, and joyful full week of school in the Chickadee classroom. We focused on learning about and celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Circle time is a great time to hear about eating apples and honey for a sweet new year, touch a shofar, pretend to be shofar blowers. Next week we are looking forward hearing Morah Gail blow a shofar and taste different kinds of apples!

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah the Chickadees painted with apples! It is a great experience to try different “paint brushes” and we will continue to experiment with all sorts of painting tools during the year. We loved seeing how the Chickadees used the apples to blend the paint, stamp, cover large areas with paint, or even paint their own hands!

We continued our celebrations by examining a pomegranate and tasting its seeds. Morah Aimee showed us that even though a pomegranate kind of looks like an apple on the outside, it is very different on the inside. All of the Chickadees were very excited to get a closer look at the seeds and taste them.

Then, with more seeds, the Chickadees created pomegranate paintings! Each Chickadee got a piece of paper and popped their seeds to make beautiful paintings!

As always, My Gym was a big hit this week! The Chickadees jumped, hopped, balanced, and threw with all of the new equipment Morah Ryan brought.

The Chickadees had so much fun in the classroom and outside this week! The purple play dough was a very successful activity. The kids also enjoyed dressing up, reading, and playing music.

What a great week with the Chickadees!


New Experiences at School!

8 Sep

Wow! What a fantastic week of school! We are continually impressed with how creatively, kindly, and actively the Chickadees play together. The Chickadees did a lot of playing this week, both inside and out, as well as tried many new activities including painting and our first My Gym of the year!

When it wasn’t too smokey this week, we loved going outside to play. The sandbox is a favorite place to be. The Chickadees also love climbing on our climber. This is an excellent opportunity to practice taking turns and the Chickadees enjoy hearing when their turn is coming up!

We did so much painting this week! We started off painting with dot paints, but this week we moved on to brushes. It is fun to watch the Chickadees use a variety of painting techniques to blend, dab, brush, or completely cover their paper. The individual paintings each Chickadee made are proudly displayed in our classroom!

Of course we still had plenty of time to play in the classroom and the Nest this week. Moreh Eli came by for a visit and the Chickadees had so much fun with him.

The Chickadees were very interested in threading buttons this week. It was great to see how focused so many of them were.

This week we had our first My Gym! We are so happy that Moreh Ryan is back this year. The Chickadees played with balls and pom poms and walked across the balance beams. Then the Chickadees watched with lots of giggles as Moreh Ryan performed a puppet show for us!

What a great week with the Chickadees!


Fun First Days of School!

1 Sep

What a fun, busy, and exciting first few days in the Chickadee classroom! The Chickadees were so happy to see their friends again and were incredibly welcoming to the new students. We love watching their cooperative play skills strengthen!

This week had many adventures! A few of the favorites were: Playing with foam dough, painting with the dot paints, playing outside in the rain (the Chickadees were so thrilled to see the rain, it’s been so long!), and Shabbot Sing-a-long.

It has been so much fun getting to know the Chickadees and we are so looking forward to continuing to watch them learn, grow, explore, play, and develop their friendships throughout the year.