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Full Week of Fun!

8 Dec

Our first full week of school in a while has been filled with talk about Chanukah. We have started singing Chanukah songs, counting the nights of Chanukah and the candles on the Menorah, spinning dreidels, reading Chanukah books, and making art inspired by Chanukah. It has been so much fun to watch the Chickadees become more and more excited about celebrating Chanukah! We are excited to continue celebrating next week!

We used Chanukah stickers to make a Chanukah poster this week. The Chickadees also used dot paints to color in a giant dreidel.

As always, My Gym was so much fun this week! The Chickadees played with foam noodles, balls, and rings. The kids love being silly with Moreh Ryan and eagerly look forward to his puppet shows at the end of My Gym.

We got to play outside a lot this week and enjoyed the sunshine, even though it was cold. We also enjoyed playing in the classroom, especially with the new Chanukah and counting puzzles we introduced this week.


What a great week with the Chickadees! Thank you to all who came to parent-teacher conferences, it was so nice to talk with you!


Short and Busy Two Weeks!

30 Nov

It has been a full and exciting two weeks, even though they were short! Our weeks were filled with art, building, playing, dress up, and learning. We hope you like the turkey handprints we sent home for Thanksgiving! The Chickadees loved having their hands painted and watching their friends get their hands done too.


We were so happy to have My Gym today! Moreh Ryan brought us ropes, hockey pucks, stilts, and hung up foam blocks and big bouncy balls. The Chickadees had so much fun running through the hanging obstacles, riding on the stilts with Moreh Ryan and using the ropes as “tails!”



Of course, we also enjoyed playing in the classroom and the Nest! Play Dough remains a very popular choice during free time. The Chickadees did lots of dress up, taking care of babies, doing puzzles, and building!


We did lots of stickers and gluing art projects this week. We love seeing the Chickadees practice their fine motor skills as they peeled, stuck, glued, and pressed the foam shapes.

It has been a great two weeks with the Chickadees! We are looking forward to meeting with you and talking about these amazing kids at conferences tomorrow and Friday!



Full Week of Fun!

17 Nov

What a fun-filled week in the Chickadee classroom! We played a lot, made beautiful pictures, dressed up, read, built, and learned!

The Chickadees have been very interested in painting. When we ask each child what they want to do during free time after circle time, the answer is often, “Paint!” This week we finger painted and used foam brushes. We are continually impressed with how¬† patiently the Chickadees wait for us to get the paint and supplies ready.

My Gym continues to be a highlight of the week! This week in My Gym we played with balls and streamers. Some of the Chickadees were very excited to hear Disney songs played on Moreh Ryan’s speakers and danced and sang along. My Gym is always a great time for the Chickadees to engage in creative and energetic play.

Even though we are getting closer to winter, we still enjoy getting outside and playing on our playground!

And, when it’s too rainy to go outside, the Chickadees love to play in the Nest!

The Chickadees love to play, read, create, and dress up in our classroom too!

This week we created pictures using Noah’s Ark stickers! The Chickadees practiced their fine motor skills as they peeled off the backs of the stickers and stuck them on their paper. We enjoyed talking about the animals and the colors of the stickers!

It has been a lovely week with the Chickadees!


Focus and Play!

10 Nov

We have had a very fun and busy week in the Chickadee classroom! We introduced cutting paper and the Chickadees were very focused on it for the rest of the week. We also saw a lot of dress-up this week and doctor pretend play. We also had lot of fun in My Gym, painting with foam brushes, and playing inside and outside! Today we enjoyed our short Friday with Shabbat Sing-a-long, making challah, and a play-date with the Hummingbirds!







Week Filled with Playing and Learning!

3 Nov

This was a fun week in the Chickadee classroom! The Chickadees played so much in the classroom, in the Nest, and outside. We also enjoyed doing art projects, reading, building, and participating in My Gym!

The Chickadees continue to work on their gluing skills! This week we had them use glue sticks to glue colorful letters to paper. This was a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills as well as to talk about colors and letters.

We love using different objects as paintbrushes! This week we used pine cones to create two large pictures. The Chickadees dabbed, scraped, stamped, and spread the paint with the pine cones.

The Nest is a great place for us to play when it is too rainy to go outside and when there are some Chickadees still napping. The Chickadees love to read, build with Legos, ride the seesaws, and play in the kitchen!

Of course, My Gym was a highlight of the week! The Chickadees had fun playing with hula-hoops, rings, cones, and squishy balls. We love seeing the creative ways the children engage in play with the objects in My Gym!

We were happy to get to play outside so much this week! Ring Around the Rosy is a favorite game with the Chickadees. They also love playing with the cars and dumptrucks! Since the Chickadees have been so interested in modes of transportation, this will continue to be a theme for the month!

It has been such a lovely week with these sweet kids!


Beautiful Week at School!

27 Oct

We have had a lovely, full week in the Chickadee classroom! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time working on art projects, playing outside, and playing in our classroom. The highlights of the week were definitely My Gym, library, and our Shabbat celebrations!

We have a class full of artists! The Chickadees love to draw, paint, use stickers, glue, and sculpt with Play Dough. They are so excited to show off their creations to their friends and morahs and are proud to put their pictures in their backpacks to send home. We love seeing their fine motor skills grow and strengthen!

The Chickadees were so excited to have My Gym again this week! The kids played with plastic hockey pucks and bowls. They rolled and tumbled and the gym was filled with giggles!

We are so fortunate to get to go to the library to read books and pick out new ones for the classroom. The Chickadees listened respectfully and joyfully as Morah Nicola read us Mo Willems books and were excited to chose new books!

The Chickadees had so much fun playing inside the classroom and outside on the playground this week!

Every week we celebrate Shabbat with the Hummingbirds and it is such a special time for us to play, sing, and learn together!

Tons of Indoor Fun!

20 Oct

It was so nice to have a full week of school again and to see everyone after the long weekend! During this full week, we were able to try so many new projects! Even though it was very rainy, we still had a lot of fun playing in the classroom and in the Nest.

We brought in a pumpkin for the class to explore. Before we cut it open, each Chickadee felt the smooth skin and the rough stem. We talked about it’s color, shape, and weight. The Chickadees loved seeing what was inside the pumpkin! We encouraged them to use their senses of touch, smell, and sight to explore the pumpkin. Then, the Chickadees helped us take out all the seeds. They did a great job digging for the seeds and pulling them out. We even baked the seeds so they could use the sense of taste to try the seeds.

This week we used our gluing skills a lot! We collected leaves outside on Monday and used liquid glue and paintbrushes to glue the leaves down and make a leaf collage! The Chickadees spread out the glue and pressed down hard on the leaves to make sure they stuck. The collage hung inside our classroom during the week to bring some of the outside in!

Later in the week, we made another collage with feathers, foam shapes, and puff balls. We were so impressed at how well these colorful collages turned out! The Chickadees covered almost the entire paper!

Because it was so rainy this week, we had lots of time for classroom play! We love watching the creative and imaginative play that happens in the classroom.

We have missed our library time! We were happy to go back to library this Thursday and listen to Morah Nicola read us books. The Chickadees are always excited to pick out their own books to bring to the classroom and read throughout the week.

Another art project we did this week was painting with cedar fronds. The Chickadees found many of these outside on the field. We thought they would make great paint brushes! We love seeing the Chickadees use different kinds of paint brushes and explore the different ways they can mark their papers.

We are so lucky to have the Nest to go to for indoor recess. It is always filled with laughter, playing, reading, singing, and building!

Today, we were so excited celebrate Shabbat at school this week! The Chickadees loved having Shabbat Sing-a-long with Moreh David, making challah, and having a play-date with the Hummingbirds! This is such a special time that we look forward to every week!


Our beautiful Chickadee class!