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30 Nov

Spatial Discoveries

There is an ever present desire for the children to explore all things spatial, be it how many items can fit into another, which pegs fit on which sized dowels, or how high can I make something before it falls down.  This is their analytical/left brained mind at work, making sens of their surroundings.


The Robins also discovered in My Gym class today Spatial Discoveries. The discovered that if they crawl really low down on the ground they can get past the boulders without touching them.   The next discovery was running in and out of the boulders being oh so careful not to touch them.

See you all on Monday!

Short and Busy Two Weeks!

30 Nov

It has been a full and exciting two weeks, even though they were short! Our weeks were filled with art, building, playing, dress up, and learning. We hope you like the turkey handprints we sent home for Thanksgiving! The Chickadees loved having their hands painted and watching their friends get their hands done too.


We were so happy to have My Gym today! Moreh Ryan brought us ropes, hockey pucks, stilts, and hung up foam blocks and big bouncy balls. The Chickadees had so much fun running through the hanging obstacles, riding on the stilts with Moreh Ryan and using the ropes as “tails!”



Of course, we also enjoyed playing in the classroom and the Nest! Play Dough remains a very popular choice during free time. The Chickadees did lots of dress up, taking care of babies, doing puzzles, and building!


We did lots of stickers and gluing art projects this week. We love seeing the Chickadees practice their fine motor skills as they peeled, stuck, glued, and pressed the foam shapes.

It has been a great two weeks with the Chickadees! We are looking forward to meeting with you and talking about these amazing kids at conferences tomorrow and Friday!



November 20th and 21st

23 Nov

Eagles Exploration and Learning



The Eagles are Thankful for….

M: “School because I love it and I have fun.  My family.”

S: “My parents when they give me what I want!”

E: “My couch because I can rest on it.  My family because they play with me.”

J: “My family because I love them.”

M: My family because they give me hugs.”

N: “My favorite stuffed animal because I like to snuggle with it.”

M: “Cuddling with my stuffies.”

T: ” When my parents give me warm hugs”

T: ” My family because I can make them things and they love me.”

A: “Building with Legos”

S: “Art”


Sharing Family Books

This week the children began sharing their family books.  The children really enjoy telling their classmates all about their family and while listening to their peers, the children are practicing respectful listening.  It was also a great way for Jacob to introduce his new baby brother.  We will continue to have the children share their books in the coming weeks.


Ivrit with Bentzi

This week Morah Chani introduced the Hebrew names for the family members; Mother (Ima), Father (Abba), Sister (Achot), Brother (Ach), Grandmother (Savta) and Grandfather (Sabba).  We also learned the vocabulary for house (Bayit) and family (Mishpachah). To continue our learning of this new vocabulary, Morah Chani taught the children a fun song called “I Want you to Meet My Family”.




Have a Great Thanksgiving!


November 13th – 17th

17 Nov

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Ramp Play

The children continued having fun with ramps this week. They created ramps using different materials such as Magnatiles and boxes.  We also got to create more ramps using the materials the 8th Graders left us.

Fine Motor Development

Throughout the week we provide activities to help children refine their fine motor skills such as; using tongs and tweezers to transfer large and small pom poms, cutting, and coloring and tracing lines.  This week we introduced a fun game to the children to help encourage those children who can be reluctant to participate in small motor activities.  Using the different line tracing patterns we had, we made large die with a different tracing pattern on each side.  The children roll the die and trace the corresponding pattern.  The children enjoyed playing this game and some traced so many strips that they made books from them.  We will continue to help the children strengthen their fine motor skills, so they are able to hold pencils in an efficient way.

Painting Nature

Fall creates so many natural ways for the children to create wonderful art.  This week we challenged their observation and drawing skills and encouraged them to draw Fall still life pictures.  They used pencils to draw what they saw and traced over their lines with a skinny Sharpie pen.  They then used liquid watercolors to paint their picture, which really highlights the black lines they drew.  Despite being provided with the same objects (gourds and leaves) we really enjoyed seeing how unique each child’s work was.  Some children drew just one, or just a few things, while others drew everything they could see, including the mirror they were placed on.

Second Step

What is an Attent-o-Scope?

Well, it’s a tool you can make with your own hands to help you focus in on one person or thing, so you are not distracted by your surroundings. This week, the Eagles had fun making Attent-o-Scopes to practice their focusing skills. We used our Attent-o-Scopes to spy our Listening Rules poster and point out specific details we saw. For example, the girl is pointing to her eyes (for Eyes Watching) and the boy is cupping his ears (for Ears Listening). Next, the Eagles had to really focus when they were shown a tray of items from around the classroom. Using their Attent-o-Scopes, the children studied the items on the tray. After a bit of careful focusing, they guessed what was missing when something was secretly removed from the tray. The Eagles were so focused using their Attent-o-Scopes, they could not be fooled!


The adventures of the first Jewish family continues in this week’s Torah portion, Toldot. Rivkah gives birth to twin boys, Yaakov and Eisav. The babies look very different. Eisav is born with lots of red hair.  Many students made puppets of Rivkah and the twins.

As the boys grow up, their interests are different. Yaakov sits at home and learns Torah. Eisav is outside, hunting. One day Eisav comes home and sees Yaakov making soup. Without using any kind manners, he demands Yaakov give him that red soup. They agree that Eisav will trade special brachot from their father for the soup.

What do you think was in the soup? The class discussed stone soup and brainstormed soup ingredients. The list ranged from practical (tomatoes) to absurd (parts of the building).

Later, we read Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Elhert.  After the book, a new list was compiled by the students, with more vegetables (with a few unusual options including pickles and apples). Then we made soup!

The students used plastic knives and happily cut up a wide variety of vegetables. The students decided to include the apples, but that pickles should be eaten on the side.  As the soup cooked, the whole wing of the school smelled amazing! We understood why Eisav wanted red soup so badly.

We enjoyed vegetable soup with our lunches. Not everyone enjoyed the soup, but it was a fun experience for everyone.  There was some disappointment that we are holding the pickles for another activity.

After lunch, Rivkah [the puppet] explained to the class that Eisav was very angry that Yaakov got the special brachot from their father. Since angry people need bigger body bubbles, Yaakov was going away for a while, to stay with her family.  She would miss him and just like Rivkah’s Shabbat candles brought joy when Sarah was gone, so too would they bring light in Yaakov’s absence.

We read a few books about Shabbat candles and painted the candlesticks we formed last week.

Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Shaya’s family for hosting our Shabbat Party this week.

Story Drama

This week we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  The children had fun hiding under a parachute which was their Chrysalis (cocoon), and then

emerging as butterflies.

My Gym

This week Moreh Ryan introduced the children to kushballs.  They enjoyed petting these ‘porcupines’ and using them to enhance eye-hand coordination.

Then he taught the children how to use a hockey stick and puck.

Finally there was a dance party with ribbon sticks.


Unfortunately, Morah Jan was sick this week. She should have some chicken soup with rice. In her absence, Morah Rubissa supervised a project based on the Hebrew book, אליעזר והגזר, Eliezer v’hagezer. This classic Hebrew tale recounts the efforts of gardner, Eliezer,  to pick an enormous carrot.  One by one his family comes to help. A small mouse [עכבר -achbar] comes, and with his help, out comes an enormous carrot!

The children loved hearing the story, reviewing the Hebrew words, and acting out the adventure.  Then they began constructing their own paper carrot and drew the people involved in their own version of carrot excavation.


Full Week of Fun!

17 Nov

What a fun-filled week in the Chickadee classroom! We played a lot, made beautiful pictures, dressed up, read, built, and learned!

The Chickadees have been very interested in painting. When we ask each child what they want to do during free time after circle time, the answer is often, “Paint!” This week we finger painted and used foam brushes. We are continually impressed with how  patiently the Chickadees wait for us to get the paint and supplies ready.

My Gym continues to be a highlight of the week! This week in My Gym we played with balls and streamers. Some of the Chickadees were very excited to hear Disney songs played on Moreh Ryan’s speakers and danced and sang along. My Gym is always a great time for the Chickadees to engage in creative and energetic play.

Even though we are getting closer to winter, we still enjoy getting outside and playing on our playground!

And, when it’s too rainy to go outside, the Chickadees love to play in the Nest!

The Chickadees love to play, read, create, and dress up in our classroom too!

This week we created pictures using Noah’s Ark stickers! The Chickadees practiced their fine motor skills as they peeled off the backs of the stickers and stuck them on their paper. We enjoyed talking about the animals and the colors of the stickers!

It has been a lovely week with the Chickadees!


Amazing week with the Hummingbirds

17 Nov

Hello Hummingbird families!

What a fun week we have had! We have discovered new and exciting adventures within our own classroom. The parachute you will see in our pictures has been a HUGE hit with the kids. They love throwing it up in the air and then running underneath. It has been a wonderful group activity that everyone wants to participate in together!

Their language seems to be exploding rapidly and we have so many little parrots repeating what we say or what each other are saying. During play doh, we are hearing “Ball ball” ” roll” or “snake!” asking us to make them for them. We are encouraging them to roll the play doh into snakes and balls on their own too!

This class is full of helpers. They are constantly getting each other water bottles,  lunchboxes, coats, backpacks, etc. They are very observant and know whose is whose and even what their friends favorite toys are. It is a very close knit group and we are loving every minute of watching them grow together!

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


16 Nov



The Robins’ continue exploring more STEM activities. What we did was color blending. We brought out different colors of watercolor cakes and the children were able to mix away and create new colors.  They soon realized that if they mix blue and yellow together it made green, and if you mix blue and red together it made purple.  We soon realized that if you mix ALL the colors together it made an icky brown color (which nobody liked). So we quickly rinsed the color cakes off and started again.







Today during morning T’filah the children asked if they could say it all with no help.  Of course I grabbed my camera and took a video. Sorry for the sideway view.  Such a proud moment!


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Gail & Zack