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30 Oct

We’ve been having fun celebrating the arrival of fall, and all the leaves on the ground.  We painted as a group activity making a watercolor resist painting. We loved how it turned out!


To start, each child laid out fall leaves on a canvas however they’d like.  Some friends went for total coverage on the canvas.

Then we traced the leaves with a colored pencil. Then we used a hot glue gun to lay glue down along the outline of the leaves.  When the glue was dried we layed out the child’s project with some fall colored watercolors and had them paint away.

IMG_6434Though we had anticipated that they would paint everywhere (some did) all at once, they really loved the idea of using the hot glue as an edge and carefully painted in individual leaves.

Shalom, Morah Gail & Zack





Another wonderful week !

29 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families,

We hope you have enjoyed seeing your lovely children  at play! It is our goal to show you what our day looks like and just how capable these little kids are. We have been super encouraged by all the new words we are hearing and their efforts to play next to their friends and even help them. We are starting to see the children cleaning up and even initiating it on their own. They love handing each other water bottles, jackets, and toys.

We can appreciate how hard it must have been for the kids to not have a consistent schedule lately and we are so proud of how they have adapted to being back at school full time. They are really coming into their own and feeling so comfortable without being only attached to us. We have seen numerous occasions where kids are welcomed into the class by other kids who are saying their name or run after them for a hug! It is just too cute!

We hope you like our photos and VIDEOS from this week!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


Beautiful Week at School!

27 Oct

We have had a lovely, full week in the Chickadee classroom! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time working on art projects, playing outside, and playing in our classroom. The highlights of the week were definitely My Gym, library, and our Shabbat celebrations!

We have a class full of artists! The Chickadees love to draw, paint, use stickers, glue, and sculpt with Play Dough. They are so excited to show off their creations to their friends and morahs and are proud to put their pictures in their backpacks to send home. We love seeing their fine motor skills grow and strengthen!

The Chickadees were so excited to have My Gym again this week! The kids played with plastic hockey pucks and bowls. They rolled and tumbled and the gym was filled with giggles!

We are so fortunate to get to go to the library to read books and pick out new ones for the classroom. The Chickadees listened respectfully and joyfully as Morah Nicola read us Mo Willems books and were excited to chose new books!

The Chickadees had so much fun playing inside the classroom and outside on the playground this week!

Every week we celebrate Shabbat with the Hummingbirds and it is such a special time for us to play, sing, and learn together!

October 23rd – 27th

27 Oct

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Sink and Float Science

In connection with our learning of Noah’s Ark last week, Morah Rubissa introduced the children to the concept that some things sink and some things float.  She showed the children different objects and the children hypothesized which items would sink and which would float.  We then introduced a new activity where the children experimented with different items to see if they would sink or float and sort the items accordingly. This week we read the book “Who Sank the Boat” and learned the reason why things sink or float.  We introduced the children to the words Density and Molecules.  Each child became a molecule and when we pretended to be objects that sink we moved close together and when we pretended to be objects that float we spread out.  Being Molecules in objects that float, with molecules that are spread out, is a perfect segway to us introducing our classroom agreements.



Classroom Agreements

Last week we read the book “How do Dinosaurs go to School” and discussed the behaviors the children agreed were respectful and not respectful.  This week we introduced our Classroom Agreements.  These are ways we all agree to act while in school.  We agree that we will:

  1. Clean up together
  2. Use walking feet inside
  3. Use strong, repsectful voices
  4. Demonstrate first time listening (doing or stopping something the first time we are asked)
  5. Stay in our Body Bubble

“Staying in our Body Bubble” means that we will make sure to be respectful of each others’ space and make sure we are not getting into each others space by pushing or hitting.  To remind the children what this means we can refer back to our learning of molecules and that the molecules of objects that float are spread out, as we should be, when we are in our Body Bubbles.


Second Step

This week we continued to talk about how to welcome people into our classroom.  The children practiced telling the new child (our puppet Sam) about our class. We asked the children what they would say to a new person in the room to make them feel welcome. They suggested they could say, “Do you want to play with me?” or “Would you like to do art with me?”.  We also asked the children what they might show a new friend in the classroom.  They said they could show him or her the blocks, books, how to make pictures or how to play in the kitchen, They also suggested that they could make a picture for the new friend.  This was a perfect lesson to remind the children how to welcome new friends, as this week May returned to school after an extended family visit to Israel.  The children were very excited she was here, greeted her respectfully, and helped her learn the rules and routines of our class.



The children have been creating their own ramps in the class for the cars, so following their interests, we provided different materials for them to create ramps for cars and marbles, and other items they want to use.



This week’s Torah portion is Lech Lecha, wherein Hashem commands Avram to venture out on a journey, from home to an unknown place.  First we were introduced to Avram and gained understanding on what made him great by reading “Abraham’s Search for God”.  Throughout the reading, I read his name as Avram. Several students corrected me, insisting his name was Avraham. Everyone enjoyed the tale of how Avram comes to realize Hashem.

“When Avraham realized there was a Hashem, Hashem began speaking to him. Hashem tells him to go on a journey to an unknown place. If you were told you were going to an unknown place, what type of questions might you ask?”  The children all agreed they (like Avram) had no questions.

“Great. Let’s line up then.” They began asking questions to each other. “What?” “Why?” We started on a journey up the stairs. On the first landing, the questions began in earnest. “Where are we going?” “Why are we doing this?” “Are we there yet?”

At the second landing we took a rest. “Avram did not ask the questions you are asking because he trusted Hashem so much. Hashem tells Avram 3 important things. First, he is going to be the father of the most special, wonderful group of people in the whole wide world, the father of all of the Jewish people.”  We paused to reaffirm our Jewishness and Jewish pride and then continued walking.

At the next landing, “Hashem promises Avram that the most special place in the whole wide world will belong to his children, the Jewish people. Do you know what this most special place is called?” Excitedly, many students yelled, “Israel!!”

Just before the fifth floor we stopped again. We looked out on the forest around school and pretended it was Israel. “Avram will be the father of all of the Jewish people. Israel will belong to Avram’s children. And Avram’s name will no longer be Avram.  Sarai will change her name too. Hashem will add the letter ‘hey’ to their names. They are now Avraham and Sarah. They are very special people with very special names. You are very special people with special names, too.”

Then a paper with each child’s name in Hebrew and English was held up. The students tried to guess the name, reviewed some letters, and heard about the beauty of their Hebrew names. Then the letters were colored in, making name posters.  The importance, letters, and uniqueness of our names is a topic we will continue to explore.

We also introduced a new activity where the children get to build their names and all of their classmates names using Bananagram tiles.


Shabbat Party

Thank-you for Elias’ family for hosting our Shabbat Party this week.


Ivrit with Bentzi


This week, the children practiced retelling the story “A Tale of Five Balloons”, using magnets with pictures from different parts of the book. They took turns putting the magnet pictures on the board to eventually recreate the story. This was another way to review the Hebrew vocabulary related to the story, as well as practicing the skill of sequencing events, which they will do more of in kindergarten and beyond!

Story Drama

This week Morah Anne Marie read the book “Caps for Sale” by Esphyr Slobodkina.  Ask your child what the BIG problem was and how they solved it!



On Thursday the children finished their owl pictures from last week with Morah Jan. She displayed their owls on the wall of the stairs leading down to EC. Check them out–they’re pretty cute! The children really enjoyed this project, which included both tearing and cutting paper, and we observed the Owl theme continue out on the playground. The Eagles became Owls! They hooted, flapped their wings, and flew all around.

During our afternoon circle on Thursday, we read a book called “Wow! Said the Owl”. This book tied in perfectly not only to the owl theme, but it is a book about color that ends in a rainbow, giving us another opportunity to practice color words in Hebrew.



27 Oct

PWP=Playing With Purpose

Mr. Potato Head is an all time favorite toy to use along side with PWP.  PWP highlights a specific toy/activity that we use in the Robins’ class to build language skills during play.


Mr. Potato Head provides endless opportunities for language stimulation. He can help teach tons of vocabulary and so many language concepts that we address daily during play time.

  • Body part names
  • Clothing item names
  • Color concepts
  • Locations in/out or on/off
  • Asking/answering questions
  • Social skills
  • Collaborative play
  • Object labeling and Identification
  • Action words

IMG_6384 IMG_5668

The fun never ends in the Robins room!





Shabbat Shalom, Morah Gail & Zack



23 Oct

The story of Creation continues in the Robins Room.IMG_6284

Bears, horses, ducks zebras and skunks were added to our world as we began talking about day 6 of creation.

We are also beginning to populate our world with people. It is a joyful, beautiful creation of which the children should be very proud.

(conversation during circle time on Monday morning)


Morah Gail: What type of animals did Hashem create on day 6?

Everyone: Big ones and small ones.

Morah Gail: Can you tell me more?

K.A.: Cows and horses.

L.L..: Pigs.

M.T. Hippos.

E.L..: Zebras.

E.V.: Elephants.

E.N.: Lions.

Morah Gail: You said He made small animals too, what small animals did He make?


N.F. Monkey.

A.C.: Cats.

B.S.W: owls

Morah Gail: In addition to all the animals He made, whom else did Hashem create on day 6?

Everyone: PEOPLE!!!

Phew….Hashem worked so hard for 6 straight days creating this beautiful world we live in that even Hashem needs a rest. Shabbat is the final day, day number 7.


Enjoy!  Morah Gail & Zack

Friendships are blooming !

23 Oct

Hello Hummingbird families!

We are just having the best time with all of your wonderful children. Each child has come so far since the beginning of the year and every day we are seeing more smiles and personalities coming out.

This past week we have seen an explosion of language from the kids. It has been so exciting to hear new words and sentences coming from them. We love to hear them say each others name and ours too! We can’t wait to continue observing and encouraging their new words.

The kids are also beginning to play in the same areas as each other. Although they aren’t quite in the cooperative play stage yet, they are definitely interested in what each other are playing with. We are seeing them pass each other balls, hand each other books, following each other to different stations, giving each other hugs, and much more! They are really beginning to see each other as friends and it is just wonderful to watch.

We hope you enjoy the pictures, we are so proud of your kids!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha