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20 Aug

Dear Parents,

The new school year is here! We hope you all had a wonderful summer and we welcome you all to the Robins room. Briefly we would like to share with you the goals for the year.

We think it is vitally important to create an environment in the classroom that is fundamentally child directed. By this we mean supporting all the children’s work not for what the finished product looks like, but rather supporting and encouraging their individual process, method and expression. This could be anything from art, to block building or perhaps cooking. We want to applaud their trying it, spending time with it feeling successful at it and finally seeing them reach a level where they are deliberately manipulating the material, whatever it is, to make something.

In the Robins we discover, create, cook, paint, and make many creative messes. It is all part of the learning process. Please send your child in clothing that will not hamper their creativity. Play clothes work best. We do provide smocks for the children however we do not force any child in wearing a smock.

Each child will be respected and valued as an individual and you will hear us supporting them with positive and rewarding language.

We want to create a bond of trust with each child and with their family so that we are working as a team. We hope that we can communicate openly and honestly.

Be prepared for your child to go outside. We play outside in all seasons. Remember to always send a jacket, sometimes the weather can be warm in the morning and get colder as the day goes on. Always send a coat, gloves, and hat in the winter. (some items can be left in your child’s cubby)Fresh air is wonderful for children. If your child is too ill to be outside, then they are probably to ill to be at school.

Also please have available in your child’s cubby 3 packages of flushable wipes, a full change of clothes, and 1 roll of pennies for Tzedaka. To ensure that your child’s personal belongings are returned to their cubbies PLEASE label everything (lunch boxes, water bottles, clothes, coats, etc.) with their full name.

         LUNCH: Each child is encouraged to bring a nutritious lunch and a drink, we would love if every child could have a water bottle daily which can be left at school. Dairy lunch only. We encourage the children to eat their “healthy food” first before eating their dessert. We recommend that you send food that is easy for your child to eat. Please do not send anything that needs to be heated up.

*If any perishables are sent, there must be an ice Container in the lunchbox. We do not put lunch items in the refrigerator. Please make sure your child has a morning snack as well as an afternoon snack. Mark each snack as A.M. snack and P.M. snack.

Please leave toys at home. To avoid special belongings being lost or broken, we sincerely appreciate your support with this request.

We will be having a quiet time each afternoon (full day students only). Each child will have their own mat Please send a sheet and blanket (in a bag) for rest time. This will be left at school and sent home on Friday for washing.

Besides the school supply list, please bring with you either at the meet and greet or on the first day of school a 5×7 family photo as well as a recent smaller photo of just your child. The family photo will be posted in the classroom and the photo of your child is for his/her cubby.

Now that you have been bombarded with all this information, we will stop to give you time to absorb it all. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. We look forward to a tremendous year. Thank you for your support!

Please feel free in emailing us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Morah Gail & Zack