Fun in the Sun + the Classroom!

8 Jun

It has been a great week in the Chickadee class, filled with lots of fun activities both in the classroom and out. On Monday, it was so beautiful out we decided to take another walk in Interlaken Park! This time we went further and went up lots of stairs! The Chickadees did a great job with all the walking and listening to the Morahs. They loved exploring, running, and touching the trees!

We were so excited to have some really sunny days this week and enjoyed playing outside on our playground! The Chickadees play imaginative games (usually involving super heroes), hunt for treasure, and race around on bikes and cars. We also got to do more water play this week! The Chickadees love painting with water, especially on the climber!

And of course we had a great week playing in the classroom too! Since today was rainy, we got to do lots of indoor art activities, including painting and cutting!

This week was our last day of My Gym. It was a great time and although we were sad to say goodbye to Moreh Ryan, we still had so much fun. The Chickadees played with balls, noodles, puppets, and even got to wear different kinds of animal tails! We are so thankful to Moreh Ryan for the fantastic year of My Gym!

Since it was rainy today, we decided to try a new project- Ooblek! Ooblek is a mixture of cornstarch and water and is very fun (and messy)! Every Chickadee was willing to try it, some didn’t care for it but others loved it and could have kept playing with it for much longer. We added a few drops of water color for the Chickadees to mix. They did a great job sharing their trays of ooblek with their partners!

It has been a fun week with this kids! We can’t believe that there’s only one week left until summer! We will miss these guys!

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