Enjoying the Sunny Weather!

25 May

What a beautiful week of sun and warm weather! The Chickadees had a great time playing outside this week. For the first time this year, we took a walk on the trail in Interlaken Park! The Chickadees touched and climbed trees, saw flowers, heard birds, saw a spider, and blew dandelion puffs!

The Chickadees also had a lot of playground time this week! We brought out our sensory table and filled it with water and toys. It was a big hit! We also had water bottles and paintbrushes outside and the Chickadees enjoyed painting with water on the sidewalk, playground, and building.

We enjoyed the sun some more by taking time to play in our Fire Drill Field. The Chickadees had fun playing with leaves, running, and watching Morah Nicola blow bubbles!

Of course, this week was also full of lots of classroom play! We also celebrated L’s birthday and her mom read us two very silly stories.

In My Gym this week the Chickadees ran through and crawled under foam blocks with Moreh Ryan. They always have to much fun in My Gym!

It has been a fantastic week in the Chickadee classroom!

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