Imagination and creation!

18 May

We have had a fun week in the Chickadee class! It was a joy to start off the week with Grandparent’s Day. We loved seeing the Chickadees interact with these people who hold a special place in their lives. Chickadees proudly showed their grandparent’s their classroom, engaged in table top activities with them, read stories, and toured the school. It was a very fun Monday morning!


The Chickadees have incredible imaginations! This week we saw so much elaborate pretend play. There were picnics, birthday parties, princesses, cowboys, monsters, music, and so much adventure! We are loving how well the Chickadees are playing with one another, as they learn to take turns, share, and work together.

We definitely have a class full of artists! Paint (whether with Dot Paints or brushes) has become a favorite medium. The Chickadees often mix their paint colors and employ many different painting techniques. Some of their creations are sent home and some are hung up in our classroom!

This week’s My Gym was a little different, but still so much fun! Moreh Ryan made us a giant tent filled with stuffed animals and balls! The Chickadees really enjoyed playing in it, running around it, and throwing toys through the hula-hoops.

We’ve had a fun, imaginative, and exciting week in our class! We are looking forward to a sun-filled next week!


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