Playing and Friendships!

11 May

This has been a great week with the Chickadees! We noticed how beautifully everyone played together this week. It is a joy to watch the Chickadee’s play grow and expand to include different kinds of play and new friends. We had a few days of warmth and sunshine this week and we took advantage of it by playing outside for a long time! We saw so much running, jumping, imaginative play with friends, riding, and climbing!

Of course, we always enjoy playing in the classroom as well. More and more, we see Chickadees playing and building together. We are so proud of how well the Chickadees play together and so impressed by their complex stories and imaginations. The Chickadees also enjoy independent activities like reading, sculpting, and drawing. They are often very proud of their creations, showing them off to us with a big, “TA DA!”

On Thursday we spent more time inside because of the rain. This means that we were able to do an art project! The Chickadees loved painting with the different foam paintbrushes. We saw dabbing, brushing, stamping, rolling, and some hand painting too.

We had a great My Gym on Wednesday! Moreh Ryan brought a rope for the Chickadees to jump over and crawl under. He also brought foam mats for them to tumble on! The Chickadees really enjoyed playing with the pom poms, especially when they pretended they were different animals’ tails.

It has been a fun-filled week in our classroom! We are looking forward to Field Day tomorrow and Grandparents’ Day on Monday!

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