May 1st-5th

8 May

Eagles Exploration and Learning

Eagles Flower Shop

This week we adapted our dramatic play area to be a a florist.  The children get to take flower orders, add up how much money the orders cost, and wrap the flowers or create an arrangement.  They called it the “Eagles Flower Shop”, and they made a sign.

Judaic Studies

Happy Birthday to Israel!

To celebrate the birthday of Israel, we started the day with a special Ti’fillah Kotel then we took a plane ride to Israel, made our own orange juice and ate snack in a Misadah Cafe!  We also made flags and hats and joined the Lower School in their special assembly for a parade.

Plane Ride to Israel

Orange squeezing and eating snack in the Misadah Cafe

Waiting for the Parade

Photo May 02, 9 26 01 AM

The children were very excited to eat the BBQ lunch!

My Gym – May the Fourth be With You!


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