Happy Birthday Israel!

5 May

What a fun, sunny, and busy week with the Chickadees! We started off the week preparing to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut on Tuesday. The Chickadees watched as Morah Nicola made blue play-dough (because it’s Israel’s favorite color!) and then the Chickadees made their play-dough into cakes for Israel. We sang Happy Birthday in English and in Hebrew a lot this week! We used blue markers, crayons, and stickers to make posters to hold while we marched in the Yom Ha’atzmaut parade. The Chickadees worked hard to make sure the posters were full and beautiful!

To prepare for the parade, the Chickadees practiced marching up and down the EC hallways and holding our posters and flags. Some Chickadees even wore blue ribbons around their heads or bodies! Even though the parade was loud and had lots of big kids, the Chickadees did a great job marching, sticking together, and waving to older siblings. We were so proud of them!

We also made a cake to celebrate Israel’s birthday! The Chickadees watched as Morah Aimee mixed the ingredients together. Each Chickadee got a turn stirring the batter and putting blueberries in. When it was all done baking, we lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday to Israel. Then, the Chickadees enjoyed a piece after lunch!

We enjoyed the sun and took a nature walk on Thursday! We loved seeing so many different kinds of flowers. We saw them, smelled them, and used our gentle touches to feel them. This is also great practice for our upcoming field day!

We were lucky enough to have My Gym two times this week! The Chickadees practiced their balancing a lot this week, as well as taking turns and listening for the music cues.

What a fun week with the Chickadees!


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