April – 20th – 28th

1 May

Eagles Exploration and Learning

Eagles Agreements Review

Earlier this year we created the “Eagles Agreements”.  These agreements include, using strong and respectful voices, walking feet, staying in our ‘body bubble’, 1st time listening and helping friends clean up.  This week we had a group meeting to review our agreements and to make sure all the children were clear on what each of these agreements mean and why they are important to our classroom community. We will meet at the end of the day to check in with the children to see how they felt the day went and if they noticed friend, or themselves following the agreements.

Photo May 01, 7 56 30 AM

Lock-down Drill

This week we participated in a school-wide lock-down drill.  During this drill we are hiding in our classroom in-case an unknown intruder enters the building.  We kept our conversation with the children very simple and told them that we are doing this drill in case someone is in the building that shouldn’t be.  We also reminded them that this was a drill which means we are just practicing, just like we do for the Fire Drill.

Quiet Space

This week we added a small tent to the classroom to use as a quiet space.  This is a place where only one child can be if they are feeling strong emotions and just need a cooling down space.  The children can also use the tent if they just want to be by themselves and want a little quiet time.  We emphasized with the children that if you are using the tent for some quiet time, but someone else is experiencing some really strong emotions, that child probably needs it more.

Photo Apr 25, 9 34 35 AM

Rest Time

We have noticed that most of the children are not napping these days, so we have adapted our rest time slightly.  We still rest for 30 minutes, but the children are now allowed to look at a book right away.  They choose one book to look at on their mat for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes they are allowed to get up and change their book, but the expectation is that they still sit quietly on their mat looking at their books.  The children have been doing great with this new routine, it is still very quiet and even though the children get to look at books the whole time, they are still resting their bodies.


This week we got to celebrate 3 Birthdays!  Happy 5th Birthday to Bina, Ezra and Nina.


Judaic Studies with Morah Chani

Yom Ha’atzmaut

Morah Chani explained the celebration of Israel’s independence. We talked about how it is similar to our 4th of July with fireworks and joy. She shared that the Israeli flag is similar to talit with 2 blue stripes, also it has the Magen David, King David’s shield. On Tuesday we will celebrate!

Shabbat Parties

Friday April 21st

Thank-you to Bina’s family for hosting a wonderful combined Birthday and Shabbat party.

Photo Apr 21, 1 18 49 PM

Friday April 28th

Thank-you to all of Nina’s family that hosted this week’s joint Shabbat  and Birthday party.

Photo Apr 28, 1 11 44 PM



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