April 3rd – 7th

7 Apr

This was a very busy week in the Eagles’ class! While much of our time was spent finishing up our Haggadahs, which we hope you will enjoy, we also had a few special activities. To celebrate Ruti getting glasses, we had a glasses party. Ruti’s mom came in to read “Fancy Nancy’s Spectacular Spectacles” and each child got their own pair of sunglasses.

Morah Gail acted out the story of Pesach for us, with some props and lots of enthusiasm!

We got to play out on the northern grassy area (where we go for fire drills). We went there to dump out all of the dirt in our sensory bin, but with the many fallen twigs and pine cones, it was too much fun to leave. We will try to get out there more often for a change of scenery during some recesses.

Eden and her family lead our Shabbat celebration today. We had celery sticks as a symbol of Pesach, along with Sun Butter, and a choice of blueberries or raisins to represents the lice (or darkness, or frogs–as some kids suggested). We got to hear a story about a monkey who was looking for his mother that Eden’s Ima read in Hebrew while Eden translated. The kids really enjoyed their Shabbat party.

We hope this time off and holiday provide you and your family with some rest and restoration to finish off our school year.

Chag Sameach!


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