Busy week preparing for Pesach!

6 Apr

It has been a busy and fun week in the Chickadee classroom! We have been preparing for Pesach by singing Pesach songs and removing all the chametz from our play kitchen. The Chickadees were very helpful on our chametz hunt and it was a great opportunity to teach about what chametz is.

This week we used the pinecones we collected last week to paint! The Chickadees rolled, dipped, and brushed with their pinecones. They also used their hands to add to their paintings.

Today we made matzah pizza! Each Chickadee spread toppings (tomato sauce, pineapple, olives, and cheese) on their piece of matzah. Then, we ate it during lunch!

We’ve had so much fun in our classroom this week. We read with Morah Sharon, dressed up, painted, did puzzles and dramatic play, and celebrated B’s third birthday! We are really going to miss the Chickadees over Pesach break!

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