March 27th – 31st

3 Apr

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Hebrew Studies with Morah Chani

Motzi Matzah

We learned about the 3 matzot this week; Levi, Cohen, and Israel. The children added these, as well as, Korech (Hillel Sandwich) to their Haggadot.

Making and Eating Charoset

This week the children helped cut up apples and mixed in raisins, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and grape juice to make some delicious Charoset and ate it with Tam Tams.

Shabbat Party

This week’s part was hosted by Nina and her family.  Thank-you for hosting a wonderful party.


This week we read the Story “Dog’s Colorful Day”. We then drew the dog and put his colorful spots on.  The children did a great job following directions and being very patient as they waited for instructions to put on the next colored dot.  The children’s work is on display in the hallway if you want to see them.

Story Drama

This week Morah Anne Marie read the African tale, “Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile”.  A crocodile caught Mrs. Chicken and wants to eat her.  The children had to figure out how to trick the crocodile into not eating her.  In the story, Mrs. Chicken makes the crocodile believe they are sisters by switching their eggs.

My Gym

This week the children had fun with obstacle courses, truck races and we also learned a new dance! Moreh Ryan has taught us where to find our abs, biceps, and triceps. See if your child can show you.

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