What a Marvelous March it’s been!

30 Mar

Hi Hummingbird families,

Wow, we can’t believe it is almost April! We have been very busy again these past couple weeks and we have just begun preparing for Passover! We have been singing songs, telling the story of Passover, and we even made matzo pizzas with the kids today. We are looking forward to our Seder next Wednesday!

The Hummingbirds are continuing to grow and mature on a daily basis. We are seeing strong friendships forming and a lot of cooperative play. The children are having conversations with each other that they are initiating on their own. We are working with them to continue using their words when they need or want something. “Mine” is something we are hearing a lot and we are encouraging asking before taking from a friend. We are also seeing sharing, and a lot of holding hands and hugs! So adorable.

We are so impressed by how well the hummingbirds are sitting at the table for very long periods of time. Whether it is lunch time, play doh, or cooking, they are engaged and focused. We made banana bread last week and the kids took turns pouring the ingredients into the bowls, they loved to be a part of it and of course, eating it after!

We are having such a great time watching and being a part of the development and milestones that your lovely kids are achieving every day! Enjoy the photos.

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


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