Beginning our Pesach Celebrations!

30 Mar

What a great week it’s been in the Chickadee classroom! We have begun learning about Pesach through songs and stories. This week we celebrated Pesach by using Play-dough to make matzah and making matzah bark! Although some days we were stuck inside, we had fun in the Nest and definitely enjoyed the Spring weather when it came! We are excited to continue to celebrate and learn about Pesach next week.

We started off our Pesach celebrations by making Play-dough and using it to make matzah. The Chickadees like to watch Morah Nicola prepare the Play-dough and sit patiently until its done. The Chickadees flattened their Play-dough using their hands, rolling pins, and hammers. Then, each Chickadee used the tools to create patterns in their ‘matzah.’

We also celebrated Pesach by making matzah bark! The Chickadees put chocolate frosting on their piece of matzah to make it look like the bark of a tree. This was a great fine motor activity as it required scooping the frosting out of the cups and spreading it. It was also a sweet treat! Some Chickadees ate all of their matzah, some only ate part, and others just licked the chocolate frosting off the matzah.

We are lucky to have the Nest to go to when it is too rainy to play outside! This week we added a sticker wall and the Chickadees have loved it! Other favorite Nest activities include dressing up, see-sawing, trains, and reading.

Like every week, MyGym was so much fun! The Chickadees went through tunnels, rode on cars, balanced on foam beams, and played with cones. The Chickadees really had to practice waiting in line and taking turns as their friends went through the tunnels, used the cars, or walked across the foam beams. MyGym is also a great time to be silly, try new things, and play fun games!

It has been a wonderful week with the Chickadees!

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