March 20th-24th

27 Mar

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

STE(A)M Night

The children were very excited about the STEM night on Thursday.  They asked about what the word STEM meant so we went over what each letter meant.  We also discussed the difference between STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  They were very enthusiastic about out bridge building activity we had at our booth, as they recognized the materials from the classroom.   On Friday we took all the materials out and they had fun creating different kinds of bridges.

Judaics with Morah Chani

The Eagles continue to work hard on creating their own Haggadahs. They have completed several pages already. Additionally, the Eagles each made their own matzah covers, as you can see pictured below. Morah Chani continues to share the story of Pesach; most recently teaching about the 10 Plagues.

My Gym with Morah Ryan

This week we had fun with animal tails!  Morah Ryan brought animal tails that the children were able to attach to themselves and they played some  games.

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