Spring Celebrations!

23 Mar

We have had such a fun week with the Chickadees celebrating the arrival of Spring! We’ve been lucky to enjoy such beautiful weather this week and have spent a lot of time outside. On Monday we went for a nature walk with our walking rope. We saw and smelled flowers, heard birds, felt smooth and rough bark, and enjoyed the sunshine.

We also planted pea seeds this week! Each Chickadee got their own cup to decorate with markers and stickers. Then they filled up their cups with the dirt from the sensory table and planted their seeds. We put them on our windowsill and will watch them grow!

We went out to the field to collect pinecones for our next project- bird feeders! The Chickadees did a great job finding so many pinecones and bringing them to the basket. They also found flowers, spider webs, and leaves. Then, we had a fun time running around the field and playing!

The next day, we used the pinecones to make the bird feeders. The Chickadees rolled their pinecones in sunflower seed butter and then in birdseed. The sunflower seed butter was sticky and the Chickadees had fun making sure every part of the pinecone was covered. Tomorrow, we will hang them up in the trees outside our windows. We are excited to see the birds come visit!

It has been such a great week in the Chickadee classroom. It has been a lot of fun to enjoy the warmer and drier weather with the kids. This week we saw lots of explorers searching for spiders and beetles on the playground, doctors helping Morah Sarah, builders, bike riders, and such great friends!

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