March 13th-17th

21 Mar

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Middle School Community Helpers

Beginning last week, a few Middle School students came down to help out in EC as part of their elective program. The kids loved being read to and running on the playground with the older SHA kids. We will have Middle School helpers a few afternoons a week and will pay close attention to their interactions with the Eagles. We will keep you posted on how it’s going.


Eagles’ Daily Schedule and Calendar

Since the beginning of the school year we have been keeping track of and learning the days of the week, the months and the number days by having the children help do the calendar daily.  In addition to these concepts we have also been using our calendar to track the moon phases, learn the difference between units, tens and ones, and this month we have been learning about patterns.  From picture cards, we created a pattern of three things (flower, dog, cat) and each day we work together to think of what picture will come next in the pattern. The children very quickly learned the 3 step pattern, so next month we will have to make it more challenging for them!  Our calendar is part of a daily routine that the children enjoy participating in. If we forget to do it they soon let us know!  Acknowledging how important routines are to the children we have always verbally gone over the schedule of the day.  For some children this is enough, but for others having a more visual reminder of what will be happening throughout the day is more helpful.  With this in mind, we created a visual schedule of our day.  This will also become another part of our morning routine that the children will participate in.

Studies with Morah Chani


Getting our Passover unit underway, we started to tell the story of the Jewish people that lived in Egypt.  Pharaoh, the king, ordered them to work all day and that all the baby boys shall be removed from their families.  Miriam hid her brother Moshe in the Nile River. Pharaoh’s daughter found Moshe and took him to the palace where he grew up.  Years later Hashem sent to Moshe to tell Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go and if he refused he would be punished.

Each child is making their own Haggadah. To decorate each page, Morah Chani brought in brand new supplies including scissors, glue sticks, colored markers, and colored pencils so the Haggadahs can be used on Pesach. We are also covering the tables. So far, the Eagles have completed these pages: kiddush, hand-washing, dipping vegetables in salt water, and breaking the middle matzah. Although the pages are similar, it is fun to see each child’s use of color and design.

Additionally, the children are making special Pesach creations with Morah Jan in art.

Story Drama

In this week’s story the children helped Morah Anne Marie plant a garden for a child that does NOT like Spinach!  They got to pretend they were seeds and helped Morah Anne Marie brainstorm what those seeds needed to grow into beautiful Spinach plants.  In the story the little girl was involved in helping plant a school garden, she was of course assigned to care for the Spinach seeds.  She spent lots of time caring for these plants and once they were grown and it was time to eat them she found that spinach wasn’t so bad after all!

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