17 Mar

Wow, what a fantastic weeklong Purim celebration we had! Thank you SO much to everyone who came and helped out, we couldn’t have done the hamantashen making or carnival without you!

While our wonderful helpers made the hamantashen dough, we made play-doh with the kids and had them practice their hamantashen skills with the play- doh and pom poms! The kids had so much fun filling their pretend hamantashen. We have been noticing  how well the kids are learning to roll the play-doh into balls, snakes, and other creative shapes! This is an impressive skill.  When it was time to make the real ones, they were thrilled to fill them with raspberry and blackberry jam! What a tasty and festive treat.

We also decorated groggers! Each child put stickers on their groggers and then one by one, filled them with beans. What a great way to practice their fine motor skills!

The kids were beyond adorable in their costumes and pajamas! What a blast the carnival was, the kids really enjoyed the face paint, the bouncy house, the slide, the maze, and of course, the prizes!

Thank you again for making Purim so wonderful for the kids and for us!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


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