Indoor Play Fun!

16 Mar

It has been a rainy week, so the Chickadees enjoyed lots fun play indoors. Even when we can’t get outside everyday, we still have a ton of fun! This week we did lots of art projects, played in the class and the Nest, did lots of building, reading, and dress up, and saw so much pretend play. And, when we did get to play outside, it was such a treat!

In the Chickadee class, we have a lot of firefighters, princesses, police officers, and cowboys. We love watching the Chickadees engage in dramatic play with each other. This often involves cooking a meal in our kitchen, taking pretend naps, caring for babies, and rescuing Morahs and other Chickadees from fires!

We took advantage of having more time inside this week to do some art projects! Painting is always a favorite activity in our classroom. With the help of the Chickadees, we chose spring colors for our creations. One day we made a large poster by working together. The next day each Chickadee had their own paper to paint. We also practiced gluing by painting glue onto paper and sticking tissue paper to it to create a colorful collage!


As always, My Gym was a lot of fun! This week the Chickadees practiced being patient, waiting in line, and taking turns. This can be very hard when it’s exciting and fun, but the Chickadees did a great job!

It has been a great week in the Chickadee classroom with these wonderful kids!

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