March 6th – 10th

13 Mar

Eagle’s Exploration and Learning

Sharing Nature Creations

This week the children shared stories they dictated to us about their nature creations.  These creations will come home as soon as we have a dry afternoon!

Judaics with Morah Chani


We continued discussing Purim with Morah Chani, moving on to the 4 Mitzvot.  For Listening to the Megillah, the children decorated groggers to make noise anytime Haman’s name is mentioned. As a symbol of giving Tzedakah, we transformed Pringles containers into colorful Tzedakah boxes. Your child made a shalach manot basket woven with ribbon to represent giving food to friends. Every Eagle got to make two Hamentaschen (Oznay Haman). Finally, we hope you all enjoyed the 4th mitzvah of having a special Purim meal.

We also enjoyed the Purim Spirit Days!

Fun at the Purim Carnival

Purim Sameach – Happy Purim!

Second Step with Mr. Healy

This week Mr Healy talked with the children about fair ways to play.  In past weeks he has discussed ways that the children can calm themselves down after a conflict and now we are working on solutions.  This week we learned that if there has been a conflict over a toy the children can choose one of three fair ways to play.  They can play with it together, trade or take turns.  Narrowing it down to these three choices enables the children to resolve their conflicts independently.  Mr Healy also brought his guitar along and we made up songs to help us remember fair ways to play.


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