Exciting week!

13 Mar

Hi hummingbird families! We hope you enjoy these pictures. A special Purim blog will be going out later this week!

It was another lovely week in the Hummingbirds. We had a great time in My Gym, Ryan brought out a new stilt-like activity that the kids loved. We started an art project  where we had the kids dot marker masks in preparation for Purim! Overall, awesome week!

We had a very special guest, Hila, come in and teach us how to make delicious birthday chocolate balls. They are an Israeli specialty and extremely tasty! Hila brought the ingredients to the table so the kids could be apart of it. As you can see from the pictures below, the kids absolutely loved watching and were able to sit around the table quietly for over thirty minutes! Once the chocolate balls were formed, each child got one and used their fine motor skills to roll them in sprinkles, like we do with play doh. We were all so impressed by the focus, respect, and interest they had in this demonstration. We will definitely have you back for more Hila, thank you!!!

I’m sure you all have been amazed by the incredible language explosion your child has demonstrated lately and we are to.  It feels like each day the children have a new word or phrase to impress us or maybe the words are becoming clearer.  Sometimes both! In any case, we have been thrilled to see this developing right before our very ears and eyes.  Each child is unique in their capacity to build a vocabulary.  One great skill builder for language acquisition is to add a descriptor word to help your kids keep the vocab coming.  For instance, if Eli says “my shirt.” Julia might respond with “your BLUE shirt” or maybe adding a few words, “you BRIGHT BLUE shirt.”  You know your kids best so you can experiment with new combinations as well.  You can also label everything you see together. We all like to feel noticed and this is a great way to do it together.



Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha

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