February 27th – March 3

6 Mar

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Nature Structures

A few weeks ago we went on a nature walk and the children collected lots of items they found on the ground.  This week the children made nature creations using clay and their found nature items.  It was great to see how different each child’s creation was.  We recorded what the children said about what they had made, the all had very imaginative stories about who or what lived within their models!

Fun in the Snow

On Monday with all the crazy weather, we were able to play in the snow before it turned to rain.  The children had fun making snowballs and sliding in the snow!

Judaic Studies with Morah Chani


Morah Chani told the story of Purim this week. We learned that while we often use the Yiddish term Hamentaschen to describe Purim cookies, in Hebrew the cookies are called Osnay Haman because some say Haman’s ears were triangular in shape. Others say it was his hat that was shaped like a triangle. The children decorated masks to symbolize Esther hiding the fact that she was Jewish, until she needed to reveal herself as a Jew to save her people. They also decorated groggers to shake when Haman’s name is spoken during the Megillah reading. We look forward to enjoying another pajama day on Friday for the Purim carnival and making Shalach Manot this week.

Tefillah Pajama Party

The children had fun dressing in their Pajamas on Thursday.  They helped to make pancakes, which they enjoyed eating along with some Hot Chocolate.


The Hungry Caterpillar

We completed our study of the book The Hungry Caterpillar/Hazachal Araev.  The children presented their work and used Hebrew words to describe it. Some words included  leaf/alay, apple/tapuach, orange/tapuz, strawberry/toot, ice cream/gleeda, cheese/g’veena, cake/ooga, watermelon/avateeach, and pickle/melafefon chamutz.

Story Drama with Morah Anne Marie

Each week Anne Marie comes to us with a problem. She tells them it’s “Not a small problem, not a medium problem, but a BIG problem”. The problem relates in some way to a picture book she reads during their time together. The Eagles use their imagination and creativity to help Anne Marie solve her problem. Then she reads the story and they compare their ideas to how the problem is solved in the story. In the end, they have a “tummy meeting” to review what they learned. In the photos below, you can see all of this in action.

Last Tuesday, the book was Rainbow Fish and Anne Marie’s problem was that she wanted to go to the ocean, but didn’t know much about it. The children traveled to the sea, explored underwater creatures, read the book to learn more, met Rainbow Fish-played by Anne Marie-who was vain and lonely. The Eagles shared with Rainbow Fish how to be friendly. Finally, each fish-played by the students-traded an imaginary valuable with Rainbow Fish in exchange for one of his shimmering scales.

My Gym with Morah Ryan

Lots of fun this week in My Gym!  After practicing safe use of the hockey puck the children got to use Hockey sticks. They also practiced their balancing skills. While each child got to test out their balance, Morah Ryan had the others put puzzles together in small groups, which helped them work on communication, teamwork, and patience!

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