Celebrating Purim!

3 Mar

What a fun and busy week in the Chickadee class! We had a great time celebrating Purim and are so excited to continue the celebrations next week. We love hearing what the Chickadees want to dress up as for Purim. So far, the most popular costume choice is Batman! Next week we will make Hamantaschen and more groggers, have a costume parade, and go to the Purim Carnival!

We practiced making Hamantaschen with Play-Dough this week. The Chickadees practiced their fine motor skills as the rolled out the dough with rolling pins, cut circular shapes in it, and placed puff balls inside to represent different fillings. The Chickadees really enjoy playing with Play-Dough and it becomes a favorite activity through out the week.

This week we made groggers to shake when we listen to the Purim story. Each Chickadee put beads, glitter, and sequins in their bottles.

The groggers were perfect for later in the week when we listened to Morah Aimee tell the Purim story with puppets for each character. We practiced shaking the groggers and saying “Boo Haman!” when we heard Morah Aimee say his name. This was a fun activity to practice our listening and impulse control skills and become familiar with the characters in the story.

We made Purim masks this week with stickers! It was very fun to watch each mask take shape- some Chickadees used stickers very selectively and some used all their stickers. Each mask was unique! The Chickadees had fun showing off their masks and playing in them for the rest of the day.

Our last Purim activity of the week was to make our very own crowns- just like King  Achashverosh and Queen Esther. The Chickadees used blue and purple paint and glitter to make their crowns look royal. Some of them used paint brushes, others used their hands, but each crown turned out beautifully. We are excited to wear them when they dry!

Although we did a lot of Purim activities, this week was also filled with adventure in My Gym, quiet reading times, puzzles and building, outside play, and silliness!

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