Busy little Hummingbirds

1 Mar

The Hummingbirds have had a busy week!

We gave the kids some new toys and they had a blast opening them and exploring what was inside. We did our first water color, which was great fine motor practice for the kids. They really enjoy all of the colors and being able to use water, all while getting a little messy!  Speaking of messy… we also brought out the shaving cream which was hilarious and great fun.

The weather has been quite interesting this week as you all know. The kids were intrigued by the hail and surprised to see the slushy snow on the playground today. We are so happy that we have been able to spend time outside, despite the wild weather. The kids took turn blowing bubbles by themselves today which they were really excited about.

Every day we are seeing the hummingbirds become more independent in many different ways. They are beginning to initiate play on their own, and we are starting to see more cooperative play. They are using their words to express their needs, on their own, even without our encouragement. They are putting together full sentences and are beginning to have conversations with each other which is beyond adorable to listen to. Every day, each child is expanding their vocabulary as they are becoming more confident in their abilities. We are pretty proud of these little ones.

Enjoy the pictures!


Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha



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