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What a Marvelous March it’s been!

30 Mar

Hi Hummingbird families,

Wow, we can’t believe it is almost April! We have been very busy again these past couple weeks and we have just begun preparing for Passover! We have been singing songs, telling the story of Passover, and we even made matzo pizzas with the kids today. We are looking forward to our Seder next Wednesday!

The Hummingbirds are continuing to grow and mature on a daily basis. We are seeing strong friendships forming and a lot of cooperative play. The children are having conversations with each other that they are initiating on their own. We are working with them to continue using their words when they need or want something. “Mine” is something we are hearing a lot and we are encouraging asking before taking from a friend. We are also seeing sharing, and a lot of holding hands and hugs! So adorable.

We are so impressed by how well the hummingbirds are sitting at the table for very long periods of time. Whether it is lunch time, play doh, or cooking, they are engaged and focused. We made banana bread last week and the kids took turns pouring the ingredients into the bowls, they loved to be a part of it and of course, eating it after!

We are having such a great time watching and being a part of the development and milestones that your lovely kids are achieving every day! Enjoy the photos.

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha


Beginning our Pesach Celebrations!

30 Mar

What a great week it’s been in the Chickadee classroom! We have begun learning about Pesach through songs and stories. This week we celebrated Pesach by using Play-dough to make matzah and making matzah bark! Although some days we were stuck inside, we had fun in the Nest and definitely enjoyed the Spring weather when it came! We are excited to continue to celebrate and learn about Pesach next week.

We started off our Pesach celebrations by making Play-dough and using it to make matzah. The Chickadees like to watch Morah Nicola prepare the Play-dough and sit patiently until its done. The Chickadees flattened their Play-dough using their hands, rolling pins, and hammers. Then, each Chickadee used the tools to create patterns in their ‘matzah.’

We also celebrated Pesach by making matzah bark! The Chickadees put chocolate frosting on their piece of matzah to make it look like the bark of a tree. This was a great fine motor activity as it required scooping the frosting out of the cups and spreading it. It was also a sweet treat! Some Chickadees ate all of their matzah, some only ate part, and others just licked the chocolate frosting off the matzah.

We are lucky to have the Nest to go to when it is too rainy to play outside! This week we added a sticker wall and the Chickadees have loved it! Other favorite Nest activities include dressing up, see-sawing, trains, and reading.

Like every week, MyGym was so much fun! The Chickadees went through tunnels, rode on cars, balanced on foam beams, and played with cones. The Chickadees really had to practice waiting in line and taking turns as their friends went through the tunnels, used the cars, or walked across the foam beams. MyGym is also a great time to be silly, try new things, and play fun games!

It has been a wonderful week with the Chickadees!

March 20th-24th

27 Mar

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

STE(A)M Night

The children were very excited about the STEM night on Thursday.  They asked about what the word STEM meant so we went over what each letter meant.  We also discussed the difference between STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  They were very enthusiastic about out bridge building activity we had at our booth, as they recognized the materials from the classroom.   On Friday we took all the materials out and they had fun creating different kinds of bridges.

Judaics with Morah Chani

The Eagles continue to work hard on creating their own Haggadahs. They have completed several pages already. Additionally, the Eagles each made their own matzah covers, as you can see pictured below. Morah Chani continues to share the story of Pesach; most recently teaching about the 10 Plagues.

My Gym with Morah Ryan

This week we had fun with animal tails!  Morah Ryan brought animal tails that the children were able to attach to themselves and they played some  games.

Spring Celebrations!

23 Mar

We have had such a fun week with the Chickadees celebrating the arrival of Spring! We’ve been lucky to enjoy such beautiful weather this week and have spent a lot of time outside. On Monday we went for a nature walk with our walking rope. We saw and smelled flowers, heard birds, felt smooth and rough bark, and enjoyed the sunshine.

We also planted pea seeds this week! Each Chickadee got their own cup to decorate with markers and stickers. Then they filled up their cups with the dirt from the sensory table and planted their seeds. We put them on our windowsill and will watch them grow!

We went out to the field to collect pinecones for our next project- bird feeders! The Chickadees did a great job finding so many pinecones and bringing them to the basket. They also found flowers, spider webs, and leaves. Then, we had a fun time running around the field and playing!

The next day, we used the pinecones to make the bird feeders. The Chickadees rolled their pinecones in sunflower seed butter and then in birdseed. The sunflower seed butter was sticky and the Chickadees had fun making sure every part of the pinecone was covered. Tomorrow, we will hang them up in the trees outside our windows. We are excited to see the birds come visit!

It has been such a great week in the Chickadee classroom. It has been a lot of fun to enjoy the warmer and drier weather with the kids. This week we saw lots of explorers searching for spiders and beetles on the playground, doctors helping Morah Sarah, builders, bike riders, and such great friends!

March 13th-17th

21 Mar

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Middle School Community Helpers

Beginning last week, a few Middle School students came down to help out in EC as part of their elective program. The kids loved being read to and running on the playground with the older SHA kids. We will have Middle School helpers a few afternoons a week and will pay close attention to their interactions with the Eagles. We will keep you posted on how it’s going.


Eagles’ Daily Schedule and Calendar

Since the beginning of the school year we have been keeping track of and learning the days of the week, the months and the number days by having the children help do the calendar daily.  In addition to these concepts we have also been using our calendar to track the moon phases, learn the difference between units, tens and ones, and this month we have been learning about patterns.  From picture cards, we created a pattern of three things (flower, dog, cat) and each day we work together to think of what picture will come next in the pattern. The children very quickly learned the 3 step pattern, so next month we will have to make it more challenging for them!  Our calendar is part of a daily routine that the children enjoy participating in. If we forget to do it they soon let us know!  Acknowledging how important routines are to the children we have always verbally gone over the schedule of the day.  For some children this is enough, but for others having a more visual reminder of what will be happening throughout the day is more helpful.  With this in mind, we created a visual schedule of our day.  This will also become another part of our morning routine that the children will participate in.

Studies with Morah Chani


Getting our Passover unit underway, we started to tell the story of the Jewish people that lived in Egypt.  Pharaoh, the king, ordered them to work all day and that all the baby boys shall be removed from their families.  Miriam hid her brother Moshe in the Nile River. Pharaoh’s daughter found Moshe and took him to the palace where he grew up.  Years later Hashem sent to Moshe to tell Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go and if he refused he would be punished.

Each child is making their own Haggadah. To decorate each page, Morah Chani brought in brand new supplies including scissors, glue sticks, colored markers, and colored pencils so the Haggadahs can be used on Pesach. We are also covering the tables. So far, the Eagles have completed these pages: kiddush, hand-washing, dipping vegetables in salt water, and breaking the middle matzah. Although the pages are similar, it is fun to see each child’s use of color and design.

Additionally, the children are making special Pesach creations with Morah Jan in art.

Story Drama

In this week’s story the children helped Morah Anne Marie plant a garden for a child that does NOT like Spinach!  They got to pretend they were seeds and helped Morah Anne Marie brainstorm what those seeds needed to grow into beautiful Spinach plants.  In the story the little girl was involved in helping plant a school garden, she was of course assigned to care for the Spinach seeds.  She spent lots of time caring for these plants and once they were grown and it was time to eat them she found that spinach wasn’t so bad after all!


17 Mar

Wow, what a fantastic weeklong Purim celebration we had! Thank you SO much to everyone who came and helped out, we couldn’t have done the hamantashen making or carnival without you!

While our wonderful helpers made the hamantashen dough, we made play-doh with the kids and had them practice their hamantashen skills with the play- doh and pom poms! The kids had so much fun filling their pretend hamantashen. We have been noticing  how well the kids are learning to roll the play-doh into balls, snakes, and other creative shapes! This is an impressive skill.  When it was time to make the real ones, they were thrilled to fill them with raspberry and blackberry jam! What a tasty and festive treat.

We also decorated groggers! Each child put stickers on their groggers and then one by one, filled them with beans. What a great way to practice their fine motor skills!

The kids were beyond adorable in their costumes and pajamas! What a blast the carnival was, the kids really enjoyed the face paint, the bouncy house, the slide, the maze, and of course, the prizes!

Thank you again for making Purim so wonderful for the kids and for us!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha