Fun week- inside and outside!

16 Feb

The Chickadees had a great week! We loved how sunny it was on Monday and decided to take a nature walk. The Chickadees like holding their ring on our walking rope and are getting better at remembering to stay in order so the rope doesn’t get twisted. We used all our senses on our walk. We heard loud and quiet birds, touched the rough rocks, and saw and smelled flowers. It was a fun walk and we are looking forward to doing more as the weather warms up.

This week we also enjoyed the nice weather and sun on the playground! We are so happy when we have extra playground time. Bubbles continue to be a favorite outside activity.

This week in My Gym, Moreh Ryan brought ladders the Chickadees walked across. The Chickadees practiced balancing and taking turns with this activity. It was so much fun to watch the kids tackle this new challenge with excitement and enthusiasm.

Even though we love playing outside, the Chickadees always have fun in the classroom. This week we did a lot of reading, independently and in groups. The Chickadees love reading, especially the books they bring from library! We also did a lot of puzzles. We’ve put out more advanced puzzles and the Chickadees are excited to try them. Threading with buttons has become another popular choice during free play. The Chickadees like making them into jewelry, discussing the shapes and colors of each button, and seeing how many buttons can fit onto a string.

On Thursday, EL’s family gave us a new car ramp and workbench with many tools. We really like playing with cars in our classroom and the workbench has already become a great addition to our dramatic play area. Thank you! The Chickadees are so excited about these new toys!


The Chickadees did a lot of art this week! We are still working on our gluing skills and did a class project with glue and lots of different kinds of materials. We glued feathers, puff balls, and foam shapes. Dot paints continue to be a favorite with the Chickadees! Their dot paintings are colorful, unique, and often created for someone they love.

It has been a great week with the Chickadees! Have a great long weekend,  we will see you on Tuesday!



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