February 13th-16th (No school 2/17 and 2/20)

16 Feb

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Every morning and afternoon, the Eagles have open exploration where they can choose from a variety of activities such as art, building, dramatic play, light table, looking at books, and many rotating materials like cubes and dice for counting, letter matching, Geo-boards, making bubbles with a whisk, and sometimes even cleaning our chairs! While we do not provide direct academic instruction, several students are beginning to show an interest in learning about letters and their sounds, and counting and adding numbers. We are sure to have materials on hand to teach and enrich these eager learners. Often times, those who have not yet shown an interest, see what their peers are doing and are immediately intrigued. Thus, becoming eager learners themselves!

Problem-Solving with Mr. Healy

Using the Second Step program for preschool, Mr. Healy taught the Eagles to Stop and Name Their Feeling, take Belly Breaths to cool down, and then Find Fair Ways to Play when they are experiencing a conflict with a peer. In the photos below, the girls are role-playing how to Find a Fair Way to Play when two of them want to play with the same thing. One girl mediates as the other two work out their problem. As you can see, they agreed to find another gourd, so they each had one to play with! The last picture demonstrates how to take Belly Breaths.


Science: Living and Non-Living Things

Following up from Tu B’Shvat, we are exploring the concept of Living and Non-living things. We read a book called “What’s Alive?” which taught us that Living Things move and grow, and need food, water, and air to survive. We stepped out for an adventure on Tuesday to collect living things from nature. We only took things that were already on the ground and no longer attached to a tree or plant. Even though they were on the ground, they are still living things, as they were once alive. Soon, we will create nature art using our findings and clay.


Hebrew with Morah Chani

Morah Chani read the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to the class in Hebrew. While they all know the story, it provides a great jumping off point to review the Hebrew words for the days of the week, numbers, and foods. Below, you will see the children recreating the story with felt cut-outs, while practicing their Hebrew vocabulary. (The carpet is a little distracting, but if you look closely, you can see the felt foods!)


My Gym with Morah Ryan

Each week, Morah Ryan challenges the Eagles to work on developing their balance, large motor skills, and core strength with fun, energetic activities.


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