February 8th – 10th

13 Feb

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning



Tu B’shvat

This week Morah Chani talked to the children about Tu B’Shvat.  In addition to learning and reviewing the meaning and importance of celebrating this holiday, we brainstormed what trees need to survive. The children shared that trees need sunshine, water, air, dirt, and room to grow. They also had lots of ideas about the characteristics of trees, like that they have branches and leaves, and can have fruit and flowers. We compared a tree’s need for space to grow with our own need for space, like staying in our body bubbles when we line up. We continued our discussion with brainstorming what people need to survive and how our needs are similar to trees, and other living things. We will continue to study living things and make creations from nature.



EC’s Tu B’shvat Hop

Each class visited the lunchroom on Thursday to engage in activities for Tu B’shvat. The children enjoyed snacking on a variety of foods to symbolize the 7 species connected with the holiday. They dug for tree and animals toys in a sensory table full of dirt, painted with wheat, and decorated leaves.

Shabbat Party

This week the teachers hosted the Shabbat Party.  In honor of Tu B’Shvat we ate fruits from trees (and bushes).  The children helped us cut up fruit and they then assembled their own fruit salad.  It was encouraging to see how many of the children helped themselves to large bowls of fruit, which they then enjoyed eating.




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