A short but fun week!

9 Feb

We hope you enjoyed our two snow days! This week was short, but busy, and very fun!

We really enjoyed our Tu B’Shvat Hop on Thursday! There were four stations set up in the cafeteria: Painting with wheat, a sensory table filled with dirt, drawing on paper leaves, and tasting fruits of Isreal. The Chickadees had fun using wheat as a new paintbrush and exploring the different ways to paint with it. They also loved getting messy in the dirt, using the tools to play with it, and finding the buried toys. Each Chickadee’s leaf was unique and colorful – they will become a part of a tree in the EC hallway! Lastly, it was so much fun to watch the Chickadees try the Tu B’Shvat foods and hear which ones they liked best – pomegranate seeds, fig bar, date, olives, or grape juice.

To celebrate Tu B’Shvat we made ‘dirt cups’ (chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos)! Each Chickadee got their own Oreo in a plastic bag. Then, they used hammers to smash the Oreo into crumbly bits. After dumping their Oreo crumbs into their pudding cup, the Chickadees enjoyed eating their ‘dirt!’ This was a fun treat that the Chickadees loved!

Like every week, My Gym was a highlight! This week was even more special because Moreh Ryan brought in some new toys. The Chickadees had so much fun being spun on the parachute and on the plastic sled. Every week we are impressed to see how the Chickadees use their imaginations and find new ways to play with the My Gym toys.

When we went to sing “Happy Birthday” to the trees last week, we picked up some branches to use for a painting project. Through out the year we have been using different materials from nature as paintbrushes. At first, the Chickadees were pretty skeptical and preferred to use their hands or a regular paintbrush. However, now they are enthusiastic painters no matter what kind of paintbrush we use! It was amazing to see how the Chickadees used their branch to paint – we saw dipping, brushing, tapping, and rolling.

It has been such a happy and fun week in the Chickadee classroom. It was great to see everyone after our long weekend! This week we also celebrated M’s birthday, (we love birthdays in our class, and are so good at singing in English and in Hebrew!), played a lot in the classroom and in the gym, and talked so much about all of our snow adventures!

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