January 30th – February 3rd

8 Feb

Fun in the Classroom


This week Eli’s Mom came to visit the class to teach us about Stem Cells and she also led a liquid and solid experiment. We got to be real scientists and put on gloves and shoe covering. She shared the book “Stem Cells Are Everywhere”. We learned that all living things have stem Cells and that there are many different kinds of Stem Cells, each with special jobs.

For our experiment we looked at the properties of Jello.  The children each got their own test tube and we put the liquid Jello into our test tubes.  It was very hard to wait long enough for the Jello to set!

Judaic Studies

Bentzi Curriculum

This week Morah Chani read the Hebrew version of “The Hungry Caterpillar”.  Throughout this story we were able to review the Hebrew words for the days of the week, colors, vegetables and numbers.  The children made leaves for the  caterpillars we are going to make, to climb through.

Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Caleb’s family for hosting our Shabbat Party this week.  Bentzi got to stay with Caleb during our snow days, so we are excited to hear what adventures they had!


One specialist we do not highlight each week, but is just as important and fun as the rest is our library time.  Each Tuesday from 1:00-1:30 we head up to the library to spend some time with Morah Stella.  The children get to listen to books read by both Morah Stella and Papoo Jack.  They then get to check out their own books and bring them back to the classroom.  The children love going through the process of having their own books checked out, looking at their special books after rest time, and having the responsibility of caring for them for the week.


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