Tu B’Shvat Celebrations and Cooperative Play

3 Feb

This week has been so much fun! Birthdays are a big deal and are much talked about in our class so we have really enjoyed talking about the birthday of the trees. Tu B’Shvat is a joy to celebrate with the Chickadees and we are really looking forward to our Tu B’Shvat hop on Monday!

As a part of our Tu B’Shvat celebrations, we made brown Play-Dough with green glitter to represent dirt. Then, we used puff balls as seeds and planted them in the ‘dirt.’ The Chickadees had fun experimenting with this new element of Play-Dough. Each Chickadee did something different with the ‘seeds’ – they were planted, became a part of creations, were carefully excavated, and collected.

The Chickadees also celebrated Tu B’Shvat (and enjoyed the sunshine) by going outside to our fire drill field to sing “Happy Birthday” to the trees. We sang in English and Hebrew and made sure each tree got sung to. Afterwards, we used our senses to explore the different trees. Some had smooth bark, some had rough. Every leaf looked different. We even smelled the trees! This was also a great opportunity to practice our “gentle touches,” especially with the young tree. The Chickadees definitely love being outside!

We have noticed a lot of cooperative play this week! It is amazing to watch friendships and games develop between the Chickadees. Cooperative play happens throughout our day. In the gym in the mornings we see the Chickadees have races and build with the rings and cones. Outside on our playground, cooperative play can often be seen with cars, bikes, and in the sandbox. In our classroom, the Chickadees build elaborate structures with each other, play firefighters, use the musical instruments to sing together (often Shabbat songs), and cook meals for each other in the kitchen.

This week, L’s mom came to read a very silly book to the Chickadees. The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak was a great hit with the Chickadees. There was so much laughter!

It has been a great week in the Chickadees! We feel so lucky to have these little people in our lives!

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