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February 20th-24th

27 Feb

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Sensory Table

As part of the Tu b’shvat celebrations we filled the Sensory table up with dirt for the children to explore during the Tu b’shvat Hop.  Last week the Eagles continued to enjoy playing with the dirt in the classroom.  Over the long weekend the table was covered and this week when we opened it we had a nice surprise.  Over the weekend some beans that were left in the table from our last activity had sprouted!  The children were very surprised to find them there, as were we.

Living and Non-Living

Continuing our conversations about the needs of living things we have begun categorizing things that are living and non-living.  The children understand that living things grow, move on their own, and need food water and air, non-living things do not.  The children worked together to sort pictures of living and non-living things under the correct titles

New Activities

We are always working towards creating a learning environment for the children that has activities that both challenge and interest the children.  At times, our ideas of what might interest the children may not always be correct!  So, we appreciate it when the ideas for activities come directly from the children.  In the past few weeks we have had two children give us ideas for new materials to put out.  One child asked us if we had any fuse beads and after a little searching in the cupboard we found that we had a large container of these beads and lots of patterns to use.  This activity has been extremely popular in the classroom, with multiple children creating at once.  Fuse beads are a great activity to refine their fine motor skills, it is also a test for patience, coordination and concentration, as the beads need to be placed on very carefully to avoid knocking the other beads off.


Another activity that came from a child also is great for refining fine motor skills.  We had a plastic tray with holes in it that held new glue sticks.  When we had used the glue sticks we placed the tray on the art shelf to see if someone had any ideas as to how to use it.  After a few minutes of it being on a shelf we noticed that a child was placing small pom poms in the holes, not only did it look wonderful with all the colors, it was also a great way to practice those fine motor skills. For added challenge, the children can use tweezers, instead of their fingers, to pick up and place each pom pom into a hole.

Happy Birthday Mordechai

This week we celebrated Mordechai’s 5th Birthday. Thank-you to his family for helping us celebrate with Ice-Cream Sandwiches!

Judaic Studies with Morah Chani

This week we continued our study of the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  We added food and butterflies to the leaves we made a few weeks ago. You’ll be seeing these creations soon! As we worked, Morah Chani took the opportunity to reinforce the vocabulary for the different foods from the book.

Shabbat Party

This week our Shabbat Party was hosted by Sarah’s family.  We were very fortunate to have Sarah’s immediate family plus two Grandfathers and an Aunt! We are looking forward to hearing all about Bentzi’s adventures this week!


Art with Morah Jan

This week the children got to try printing.  They used a pen to draw a picture on a thin piece of foam.  The children really had to work at this as they had to push the pen in hard enough to leave an impression in the foam. They then used a roller to put ink on the foam.  The print was made by pressing a piece of paper on the inked foam.  The  children needed to sing their favorite song while they pressed down on the paper to make sure the print came out.

My Gym with Morah Ryan

The children got to move with ribbon batons this week. Morah Ryan also did a 5 Speckled Frogs skit with puppets, which many of the Eagles continued to act out on they playground!

Sensory table and art fun!

24 Feb

We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! It was so nice to see the Chickadees again on Tuesday, we missed them! We have had a great week. We’ve begun to talk to the Chickadees about Purim and they are very excited about their costumes and the Purim Carnival (on March 10th). We are really looking forward to doing more Purim activities and telling the story of Esther in the coming weeks.

This week we put dirt in the sensory table. It was really fun to watch the Chickadees explore the dirt in different ways. They poured, patted, dug and scooped. There were also snakes, bugs, and reptiles buried in the dirt. The Chickadees found these animals with such excitement! They became a great source of imaginative play throughout the week.

As always, the Chickadees did a lot of art this week! They are such creative artists and it impresses us how focused they are. They are very proud of their finished works and are often very excited to put their creations in their backpacks. This week we did painting (with fingers and brushes), glue collages, and coloring.

We love having library on Tuesday’s. It is a special time when Morah Stella reads us new books and the Chickadees are attentive listeners. The Chickadees also enjoy picking out books of their own to check out and bring to the classroom. These books are read repeatedly through out the week. We are so lucky to have such a great library to visit, we always come back with a diverse selection of books for our classroom for the week!

The Chickadees had a lot of fun in My Gym this week! Moreh Ryan brought us a tumbling roll and the Chickadees were so excited to try it. The had so much fun rolling forwards and backwards, balancing, and rolling inside the tube! This was a great opportunity to practice taking turns and being patient. There was a lot of laughter in My Gym this week! We love seeing the Chickadees engage with Moreh Ryan and try new things.

The Chickadees had a fantastic week! We are a happy class full of readers, builders, chefs, princesses, and loving and caring friends.

Our first video!

21 Feb

Hello Hummingbird families,

Last week was a short, but great week. We were able to spend a lot of time on the playground since the weather was cooperating. We played with bubbles a lot which the kids absolutely love. We did a few art project where we used stickers and crayons. We even decorated paper dinosaurs.The kids fine motor skills are developing really well and they are beginning to take stickers of the sheets all by themselves!  It has been really amazing to see the progress the kids have made in terms of being able to sit and focus on one activity or project for longer periods of time. They are all growing up so quickly and we are amazed by them every day!

We are  very excited to announce that we are able to post videos on the blog now! Below, you can watch our first video of the kids in my gym, playing our very first full on game as a class!

Enjoy the pictures!

Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha

Fun week- inside and outside!

16 Feb

The Chickadees had a great week! We loved how sunny it was on Monday and decided to take a nature walk. The Chickadees like holding their ring on our walking rope and are getting better at remembering to stay in order so the rope doesn’t get twisted. We used all our senses on our walk. We heard loud and quiet birds, touched the rough rocks, and saw and smelled flowers. It was a fun walk and we are looking forward to doing more as the weather warms up.

This week we also enjoyed the nice weather and sun on the playground! We are so happy when we have extra playground time. Bubbles continue to be a favorite outside activity.

This week in My Gym, Moreh Ryan brought ladders the Chickadees walked across. The Chickadees practiced balancing and taking turns with this activity. It was so much fun to watch the kids tackle this new challenge with excitement and enthusiasm.

Even though we love playing outside, the Chickadees always have fun in the classroom. This week we did a lot of reading, independently and in groups. The Chickadees love reading, especially the books they bring from library! We also did a lot of puzzles. We’ve put out more advanced puzzles and the Chickadees are excited to try them. Threading with buttons has become another popular choice during free play. The Chickadees like making them into jewelry, discussing the shapes and colors of each button, and seeing how many buttons can fit onto a string.

On Thursday, EL’s family gave us a new car ramp and workbench with many tools. We really like playing with cars in our classroom and the workbench has already become a great addition to our dramatic play area. Thank you! The Chickadees are so excited about these new toys!


The Chickadees did a lot of art this week! We are still working on our gluing skills and did a class project with glue and lots of different kinds of materials. We glued feathers, puff balls, and foam shapes. Dot paints continue to be a favorite with the Chickadees! Their dot paintings are colorful, unique, and often created for someone they love.

It has been a great week with the Chickadees! Have a great long weekend,  we will see you on Tuesday!



February 13th-16th (No school 2/17 and 2/20)

16 Feb

Eagles’ Exploration and Learning

Every morning and afternoon, the Eagles have open exploration where they can choose from a variety of activities such as art, building, dramatic play, light table, looking at books, and many rotating materials like cubes and dice for counting, letter matching, Geo-boards, making bubbles with a whisk, and sometimes even cleaning our chairs! While we do not provide direct academic instruction, several students are beginning to show an interest in learning about letters and their sounds, and counting and adding numbers. We are sure to have materials on hand to teach and enrich these eager learners. Often times, those who have not yet shown an interest, see what their peers are doing and are immediately intrigued. Thus, becoming eager learners themselves!

Problem-Solving with Mr. Healy

Using the Second Step program for preschool, Mr. Healy taught the Eagles to Stop and Name Their Feeling, take Belly Breaths to cool down, and then Find Fair Ways to Play when they are experiencing a conflict with a peer. In the photos below, the girls are role-playing how to Find a Fair Way to Play when two of them want to play with the same thing. One girl mediates as the other two work out their problem. As you can see, they agreed to find another gourd, so they each had one to play with! The last picture demonstrates how to take Belly Breaths.


Science: Living and Non-Living Things

Following up from Tu B’Shvat, we are exploring the concept of Living and Non-living things. We read a book called “What’s Alive?” which taught us that Living Things move and grow, and need food, water, and air to survive. We stepped out for an adventure on Tuesday to collect living things from nature. We only took things that were already on the ground and no longer attached to a tree or plant. Even though they were on the ground, they are still living things, as they were once alive. Soon, we will create nature art using our findings and clay.


Hebrew with Morah Chani

Morah Chani read the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to the class in Hebrew. While they all know the story, it provides a great jumping off point to review the Hebrew words for the days of the week, numbers, and foods. Below, you will see the children recreating the story with felt cut-outs, while practicing their Hebrew vocabulary. (The carpet is a little distracting, but if you look closely, you can see the felt foods!)


My Gym with Morah Ryan

Each week, Morah Ryan challenges the Eagles to work on developing their balance, large motor skills, and core strength with fun, energetic activities.


Another wonderful week!

13 Feb

Dear Hummingbird Parents,

We decided to do the blog a little differently this time. With over 300 pictures to share, there are not words to describe the pleasure and amusement of each day with your little ones. These pictures speak for themselves for what life is like with two year olds!  Embrace the energy and enjoy our pictures of your hilarious, sweet, and wonderful kids!


Morah Julia, Moreh Eli, and Morah Ronisha