Art Experiences: Painting, Building, and Glue!

27 Jan

It has been a great couple of weeks in the Chickadee classroom. We are exploring painting further as it is something that children love! During our morning circle we go around and ask everyone what they want to do during free play time. More often than not, the answer is “paint!”

We put sand in the paint and had so much fun discovering this new texture and how it made the paint look on paper. The Chickadees are continuing to explore glue and how it works. Our sand painting lead to our next project- sand and glue! We painted with glue and then sprinkled colorful sand on top to make unique designs. Not only was it fun to experiment with this new technique, it was a joy to watch the Chickadees work together on large poster paper and share the supplies.

We continued to use our gluing skills this week by gluing colorful shapes and feathers to paper. Previously, we had only ever tried this with glue sticks and it was great to see the Chickadees jump into this new experience enthusiastically.

We have a very creative class! The Chickadees are fantastic and resourceful builders no matter what materials they are working with. Some favorite materials are the MagnaTiles, Legos, and tree blocks.

This week we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and went for a nature walk! The Chickadees did a great job holding on to the walking rope and listening to the Morahs. It was a fun opportunity to practice sequencing skills. The Chickadees needed to pay attention to who is front and behind them and the importance of staying in order so the rope doesn’t get twisted. Outside, we saw a cat, lots of trees and houses, birds, and even found an acorn! This sparked the conversation about seeds and trees – something we are taking about more and more as we get closer to Tu B’Shevat.


We love the Chickadees! We are so grateful for a healthy, happy week with lots of laughing, talking, exploring, and having fun!

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