January 17th – 20th

24 Jan

Fun in the Classroom


This week we learned more about defining characteristics of Liquid and Solids.  We learned that both liquid and solids are states of matter.  Solids are objects you can hold and keep their shape and liquids take on the shape of the container they are in.  We did an experiment to see how liquids take on the shape of their container.  We looked at liquids in different sized and shaped containers and tried to hypothesize which container had most liquid inside.  The children were surprised to learn that even though they had guessed that the tallest vessel had the most liquid in it, they actually all had the same amount of liquid.  We also explored Gak or Flubber, made from glue and Borax and Oobleck, made from cornstarch and water.  Both of them you can hold in your hand, but they also take up the shape of the container they are in and we were unsure whether to label liquid and solid.  After holding, manipulating and placing them into different containers, we concluded Gak and Oobleck can be labeled as both liquid and solid.  From our research we found that substances such as Gak and Oobleck are know as Non-Newtonian.  If any of you are more informed than us as to the correct term for these substances we would love to know!


This week Morah Chani continued talking with the children about the Hebrew words for Snowman and other winter words.  To reinforce the learning the children got to make a snowman they could eat!


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