January 9th – 12th

17 Jan

Fun in the Classroom


This week we began our exploration into Solids and liquids.  We asked the children how they know something is a liquid (“you can’t squash it”, “it moves on it’s own”, “it spills”) or a solid (“they are hard”, “they are hard to break”).  In the coming weeks we will be discussing other properties that distinguish liquids from solids.

We also did a science experiment with ice.  We started with small blocks of ice and we wanted to see what would make the ice melt quicker.  We tried Salt, Sugar, Baking Powder, Oil and Hand Sanitizer.  We hypothesized which item would melt the ice the quickest. After an hour in the classroom, it was evident that salt was the winner, followed closely by sugar and oil.


Judaic Studies

This week Morah Chani introduced the vocabulary for parts of the snowman.  We learned the words for: eyes, nose, mouth, snowman, cold, and snow.  She also introduced the vocabulary for Winter and winter clothing.  The children got to create their own snowmen using a variety of materials.


Bentzi enjoyed the weekend with Eliana and her family.  He went to a friend’s house for Shabbat, watched Eliana in her swim lesson and even did a science experiment with Mentos and Diet Coke!



Mr. Healy

This week Mr. Healy continued his conversation about ‘strong feelings’.  He helped the children identify the difference between feelings, such as happy or curious, and stronger feelings, such as angry or too excited.  At this time this is a difficult concept for the children to grasp, so we will continue to reinforce the language of “strong feelings” when we see children exhibit such feelings.  We re-read the book; “When Sophie gets Angry, Really, Really Angry”, which uses  illustrations to show what it feels like when you are REALLY angry.  Mr Healy taught us that when we feel these strong feelings we should use self-talk to tell ourselves to “Stop!”. Then name the feeling and take tummy breaths.



For the last few weeks the children have been learning about critters that live over and under the snow.  Morah Jan read the book “Over and Under the Snow”.  The children created snowy scenes above the ground and a cozy hole for a rabbit under the ground.


My Gym

Team Work!

After our gym time there was a lot of cones to clean up.  After stacking them they realized it was much too heavy to carry by themselves, so they worked together to carry them.

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