New Year!

9 Jan

We hope everyone had a great break! The Chickadees were so excited to be back at school! Everyone jumped right back were we left off.

The highlight of the week was My Gym. Everyone was so excited to see Moreh Ryan. He brought a rope ladder that was placed on the floor where we could jump from section to section. Even though all the kids loved it, the best part of My Gym this week was seeing how the children decided to use the materials. We had some “trapping” themselves between an upright mat, some became robots by putting cones on their arms. Others did some form of bowling. It was quite enjoyable to be a part of!


We also made yellow playdoh. The Chickadees decided to make it yellow to represent the cold but bright sunshine we experienced this past week.


We have had such a great first week back and we are excited to for the new year!

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