January 3rd-6th

9 Jan

Fun in the Classroom

The Eagles were all very excited to be back at school this week, and we enjoyed hearing all their stories of the adventures they had over the vacation.  Despite the cold weather we still managed to play outside.  The children were very excited to discover ice on the playground and they had fun trying different ways to break and melt it.  They were so excited about the treasured ice they had found, that they wanted to keep in in their pockets for later!   This started conversations about why we couldn’t do this.  Following the children’s interest of the different properties of ice, in the coming weeks we will be experimenting with liquids and solids.

Last Semester Morah Jan, the art teacher, let the children play with Gak.  When they were done they got to take their own individual bag of Gak back to the classroom, but after many uses we had to throw it out before the break.  When we returned the children asked, “Where is the Gak?!”, so we made a new batch for the class.  It is fascinating to watch how they all use their Gak in different ways; using markers, seeing how far it will stretch, cutting it, or watching it ooze over the table.  Something we will be wondering about in the coming weeks is: Is Gak a liquid or a solid?

Heading into Winter Break we noticed that many of the Eagles were showing a greater interest in learning about letters and numbers. To follow up on their enthusiasm, we created some activities to help build their knowledge and develop their confidence as early readers and mathematicians. Along with the many other activities available, including art materials, puzzles, games, dramatic play, and building materials, these new letter and number activities will be available for our Eagles to explore if and when they feel interested.


Judaic studies


This week Morah Chani introduced the Eagles’ Tzedakah box.  During Tefillah every day the children will put a penny in the box.  At the end of the year we will decide, as a class, where it will be donated.  The Tefillah helper for the week will collect the money from their class mates.



Bentzi had fun with Ezra and his family over the break.  They went all the way to Portland and he didn’t ask once “Are we there yet?”.  He got to see lots of fun sights in Portland and got lots of snuggles from Ezra and his sister.

Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Eliana and her family for hosting our Shabbat Party this week.  We enjoyed delicious wafer crackers, strawberries,  and had fun listening to the story “Way too much Challah Dough!”



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