First week back!

9 Jan

Hello Hummingbird families! We certainly missed your kids and we have had such a great first week back with them. It seems like they are very happy to be back as well and we are so impressed by how easily they have all adjusted after being away for so long. They are growing up so quickly and we have heard so many new words and seen new behaviors since we last saw them. We hope everyone had a great Chanukah and Happy New Year! Enjoy the pictures.

We want to thank the most wonderful Hummingbird families for the incredible Chanukah gifts.  Just what the Morah’s needed.  We very much appreciate all the warm feelings sent our way, so again, Thank you Thank you!

There was so much energy in My Gym this week and the kids were so happy running around. Moreh Ryan brought out different kinds of balls, bowling pins, a ladder, and cones! The kids had a lot of fun throwing the balls in the bins and even managed to climb into the bins themselves! They also had a great time knocking over the pins with the balls or even just carrying them around. There are always so many smiles and laughter in My Gym!

It has been so cold this week but we managed to sneak outside for a little while! Riding bikes, playing basketball, kicking a soccer ball, and going down the slide are a few ways to stay warm!  It is always nice to get some fresh air.

We are so lucky to have a fun place to go when it is too cold. The nest remains our home away from home! We have been reading a lot of books this week on the comfy couch and playing with our puppet friends. There is so much to explore in the nest, the kids just love it!

In the classroom, we are starting to hear a lot of children standing up for themselves by using their words. This can look like ” Mine!” or even ” That is mine please don’t take.” We are also hearing conversations between the children which is beyond adorable! We have been working on clean up this week and we are very impressed by the progress they have made, they are really beginning to help us clean up and know where things go. Way to go Hummingbirds!

All of the kids amazing developmental milestones that we witness everyday are exciting, but the birth of language and watching the kids talk to one another is so precious.  We look forward to helping them find their voice, learn a few more words and partake in awesome hummingbird conversations.  We are going to support their burgeoning language by adding descriptors, colors or clarifying words to expand their vocabulary.


Julia, Eli, and Ronisha

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