Happy Chanukah!!!!

22 Dec

Happy Chanukah to all of our Hummingbird families! We have had such a festive couple weeks gearing up for this wonderful holiday and we hope you enjoy the pictures!

Look at all those smiles, we will sure miss them over break! They are building, sorting, pretending, and chatting so much!

Since the weather has been cold we haven’t been able to stay outside for as long as we would like, so we take full advantage when we can! If it is too cold, we enjoy taking walks around school, up and down the stairs we go!

We just love my gym! What has Morah Ryan brought us today? We also love our mornings spent in the big gym!

We are loving hearing the kids sing to the songs in library and making the hand motions. They are really remembering stories and get so excited when they know what comes next!

We had an amazing time at the Chanukah celebration! We decorated cookies, made candle crowns, spun driedels, and ate so many delicious latkes. Thank you parents for all you do!

We wish everyone a fantastic break  and a Happy Happy Chanukah and New Year!


Julia, Eli, and Ronisha

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