Bundled up Hummingbirds

6 Dec

It sure is getting colder outside but that doesn’t stop the hummingbirds from playing! We are loving all the hats, jackets, and cozy sweaters our friends are wearing to keep them warm.

The hummingbirds love snuggling with the giant animals in the library. They are beginning to flip the pages in books, remember characters in stories, and are so happy to read in any setting!

We did so many fun new things in My Gym this week. Puzzles, pom poms, hula hoops, and more!

Their love for art continues to grow each day! The dot markers are a huge hit, “up and down, up and down.”!

There is so much fun to be had in our classroom. Sleeping, lounging, playdough, music, celebrating birthdays and the list goes on!

We go on some pretty big adventures throughout the day. Climbing stairs, going to the nest, and playing basketball in the gym are a few of our favorites!

Thank you Hummingbird families for sharing your little ones with us!


Julia, Eli, and Ronisha

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