November 28th – December 2nd

4 Dec

Fun in the Classroom

Space Unit

This week we read the book “Living in Space”.  The children enjoyed learning facts about what it is like to be an astronaut in space.  They were fascinated to learn that astronauts fly in the Space Shuttle to a Space Station.  Once in the Space Station they are free to float around without their space suits on.  They also learned how some everyday things can be harder in space without gravity, such as going to the bathroom, showering, and sleeping. They were also very excited to make a space shuttle from a box.  The children generated ideas as to how they wanted to  create a shuttle from a plain box.  We had originally thought that it would be something we would make and then hang from the ceiling, but the children had other ideas!  Check out the photo’s to see what we created.

In addition to the Space Shuttle, the children also wanted to make a Super Moon. Using textured paint, made from flour and tempera paint, and using bottle lids to make the craters, we made a large Super Moon.  In addition we also made the rest of the moon phases using the same technique.

Eagles’ Helpers of the Week

This week we also introduced “Helpers of the Week”.  Over the past few weeks we have been thinking of jobs the children like to do and also jobs that help build community in the classroom.  Each week the children will be assigned a job that they will do for the whole week.  The children will each get turns doing all of the jobs.  Periodically, the children will have a “vacation week” where they are not assigned a job.  Ask your child what his/her job was this week.


Judaic Studies

This week Morah Chani reviewed the Hebrew words for colors.  She re-read the “Story of 5 Balloons”.  They reviewed the Hebrew vocabulary for red, blue, yellow, green and purple. Additionally, she reviewed the words for sun, wind, balloon, and the phrase “the balloon popped!” which is repeated throughout the book.  To reinforce the learning from the book, the children then took turns putting magnets with pictures from the book up, naming what they chose.  In connection with the story of Noah’s Ark and our discussions about relating colors to feelings, we have been creating a class rainbow. The children took turns gluing a variety of colored objects to a large painted rainbow. Morah Chani also used the rainbow to help the children make a connection to the Hebrew vocabulary for colors.

 My Gym

This week in My Gym the children did a great team building activity.  The teacher spread  out some wooden puzzles and mixed up the pieces.  The children had to work together to find all the pieces that went together with each puzzle.  It was interesting to watch how some children worked alone, some with one other friend, and others talking with multiple friends to see who had which pieces.  We ended up the session with a fun song called “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.  They all took turns being frogs jumping into the pool until there were none left on the log.


Mr. Healy

This week Mr. Healy talked about the emotion of angry.  He talked about how we know someone is angry (looking at their body and face).

As a follow-up to this lesson we read the books “When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really, Angry…” and “How do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?”The children shared times when they had felt angry and we discussed different techniques we can use when we feel angry.  We also finished our ‘Many Colored Days’ pictures and the children shared with the class what colors represented which feelings to them.


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