Loveable, adorable, hummingbirds

29 Nov

Wow, we can’t believe Thanksgiving has already past! What a fantastic few months we have had so far. The Hummingbirds are growing up so quickly and we are so thrilled to show you our newest pictures. We hope you enjoy these moments of exploration, creativity, learning, bonding, word explosions, and so much more. A big welcome to two wonderful new students who just joined our class!

The hummingbirds love playing in the classroom. Their minds are expanding every day so we are constantly changing around the toys to better suit their wants and needs. Look at all those smiling faces, they are too cute!

Whether it’s in the classroom, in the nest, or with Morah Stella, the Hummingbirds LOVE to read! We even had a special visit from one of the Eagles who read some wonderful books to us!

Above, we celebrated one of the hummingbirds birthdays with some snacks and a few books, donated to our classroom by his family.  Everyone loves outside time! Bikes, balls, cars, running, climbing, and bubbles! . What isn’t there to like!?

Real or fake, the hummingbirds love their food! They even enjoy sweeping the floor after eating!

We have a new addition to our classroom… the box! The kids absolutely love using their imagination and hiding in the box. Where oh where are you!?

The Hummingbirds are continuing their love of music. They look forward to Shabbat sing a long all week and play instruments everyday in the classroom. We love hearing them sing the Shabbat and circle time songs throughout every day!

We have such a great time in the Gym every morning with the rest of the EC. The hummingbirds love playing basketball, throwing frisbees, exploring with cones and rings, and of course,  hanging out with siblings!

With so much rain lately, we have been spending a lot of time in the nest. The kids love playing with the puppets, the rocking toys, the train set, and whatever else they can find. One of their favorite parts of the nest is when the chickadees come to play with us!

My gym keeps getting more and more exciting. Moreh Ryan introduced a bubble machine, new balls, and even scooters!!! The kids can hardly contain their excitement.

There is a lot of exciting growth happening in our classroom.  As most of you are noticing at home, the children are learning new skills, practicing old ones and trying new behaviors on for size.  We have been observing a few trends during the kids free play time.  The children are beginning to play together more and more.  It may start with building Legos as a group and before you know it, two kids are stuffing Legos into purses and are then off to create a new game.  As language increases, so do our conversations.  Currently, there is a ton of labeling going on.  That may look like saying names, identifying parts of the room, or a running explanation of who’s doing what.  It’s really amazing to watch on a group level.

Please let us know if you start to notice developmental changes at home as well. You are the best observation tool we have.  We can better equip the room as they grow if we have all the info.

Your children are darling.  Parents, you’re doing great too.  As always, please send in any photos of your family at play.


Eli, Julia, and Ronisha

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