Thanksgiving, Pretend Play, and Building

28 Nov

We have had such an eventful week and a half. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! To celebrate we did turkey hand prints! The children loved having their hands painted and everyone waited so patiently.


This week we introduced finger painting. The Chickadees loved it so much! Some children started with just a finger, while others excitedly used there whole hand. By the end everyone agreed that finger painting is messy but fun!


We have a class full of builders. Whether it be pegs, magnet tiles, wood blocks or even sand the Chickadees are architects in the making.


My Gym with Moreh Ryan is always a hit. This past week Moreh Ryan brought a bubble machine, and since one of our favorite things is bubbles it was quite the spectacle.


Imagination abounds in the class, and dramatic play is a daily highlight be it dressing up, playing with babies or playing in the kitchen and making meals together. More and more we are seeing the shift from parallel to cooperative play and friendships grow.



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