November 14th – 22nd

27 Nov

Fun in the Classroom

Space Unit

This week, using our imagination, we took a spaceship ride to space!  We talked about some of the things we would need to go up into space, such as space suits.  We had a very bumpy ride into space, but once we were orbiting the Earth it was much smoother and we were able to take our seat belts off and move around.  We talked about why we floated in space and some of the things that need to be done in order to make sure we stay safe while floating around.  They remembered from the Robins class that you need to use a seat belt when using the bathroom!  While we were on our Space adventure we saw the moon, planets, the craters on the moon, other Spaceships, Meteorites, shooting stars and Aliens. When we had safely landed the children helped recreate what we had seen by making a class mural.


This week we introduced to the children how to interrupt politely.  If the children need help from us, they need to walk over to where we are, not call out across the classroom.  If we are helping another child they follow these steps:

  1. Put a hand on our hip or shoulder.
  2. We put our hand over their  hand to let them know we know they need help, but will finish what we are doing first before we speak to them
  3. The child waits patiently with their hands behind their back
  4. When we are ready to help them we thank them for waiting patiently and address their needs

Ask the children to teach you this new process, and maybe you could also use it at home!

Judaic Studies

Creation Celebration

To celebrate the Days of Creation, and to reinforce the things that Hashem created, we had a little party.  We ate  snacks that represented all the days of the Creation on our special place mats we had made especially for the occasion.  We also sang the songs we had learned.

Noah’s Ark

Last week we began the Parsha Noah.  Morah Chani told the children the story of Noah and taught us vocabulary. They discussed how the ark was divided into three levels; the bottom for trash, the middle for animals, and the top for people.

One day, when Morah Chani was absent, we had a special guest come into the class.  Morah Gail came in and acted out the story of Noah using props, we even got ‘rained’ on!

We will continue learning about and doing fun activities related to Parsha Noah after Thanksgiving.

Chalav U Dvash

Morah Chani started Chalav u Dvash with Bentzi.  She was very excited to share items she had received in a package from Israel.  As an introduction she read the book “A Tale of Five Ballons” and introduced the Hebrew Vocabulary for colors.


Shabbat Party

Thank-you to Nina’s family for hosting our Shabbat party this week.  We enjoyed Grapes and cupcakes, followed by a very silly book Nina picked-“The Book with No Pictures”.

Bentzi – Dahlia

Last week Bentzi enjoyed adventures with Dahlia and her family.  They got to play with Ruti and Shmuel, see a bunny show and pet bunnies.  He did not leave Dahlia’s side all week.  He helped her with math,  and got to cuddle and sleep with her at night!

Bentzi – Nina

Bentzi had a great time with Nina.  Even before they got home they were having adventures at the playground and played with lots of toys. He also watched Nina’s Ballet class, played games, ate dinner.  Bentzi was really helpful getting ready for school until he stole Nina’s shoes!

Story Drama

Due to a missed class we had two Story Drama sessions in one week. Our first problem of the week was how to keep the rabbits from eating his all the vegetables in Mr. McGreely’s garden, from the book “Muncha, Muncha, Muncha!”.  After building many things to keep the Rabbits out, including an enormous wall the solution was to share his crop with the Rabbits.

The next problem we had was Monkeys stealing caps inspired by the book “Caps for Sale”.  The children enjoyed using their imagination to create different hats, carefully walk with many hats on their heads and being silly monkeys stealing hats.

Mr. Healy

Mr. Healy introduced the feelings happy, sad, surprised and scared.  We looked at pictures of children demonstrating these feelings and he asked; “How do we know someone is feeling a certain way?”,  “What does their face look like?”,  “What parts of the face are clues that he/she feels sad (scared, happy or surprised)?”.  We also discussed what things make a person feel these ways and asked about a time when they felt these feelings.  We also practiced making faces to go along with these feelings.

Continuing Mr. Healy’s lessons we  read “My Many Colored Days” and talked about how we feel on different days.  We then drew happy, sad, surprised and scared faces and painted them the colors that represented these feelings to them.  The children will get to share their pictures with the class and we will look at the similarities and differences to the colors children chose for their feelings .  We will continue to build on Mr. healy’s lessons in the coming weeks.


This week we noticed a pattern emerging in the words that were being introduced with the art projects we have been doing over the last month.  The children have created art with relation to Bees, where we learned the word Thorax, then we created pictures based on the book “The Lorax” where we created Truffalo trees and the little creatures called Hyrax. Thorax  Lorax and Hyrax all rhyme!    This week we continued on the rhyming theme making coat racks inspired by the book “Josephs Little Overcoat”


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