October 31st – November 11th

11 Nov

Fun in the Classroom

This week we introduced new activities in the classroom.  The children have enjoyed, sewing, gak, drawing on the white board, pouring and scooping.  All these activities help develop the children’s fine motor skills, but we also noticed that turn taking and patience were all practiced during these activities.  Because these activities were new, all the children wanted a turn to try them out.  The had to learn to wait patiently until someone was finished.  We observed that the children were having difficulty recognizing that other children were waiting for a turn.  We had a class discussion and the children then had a better understanding that firstly if you want a turn with something you need to ask the other child, so they know you want a turn.  Secondly, if you are playing with something and a friend asks for a turn, you should play with it for a short time and then give your friend a turn.  Since we discussed this we have observed the children being very good at giving their friends turns both inside the classroom and with toys on the playground.


We continued to track the phases of the moon all through October and the children have been eager to show us different moon phases they have bitten into their food, or cut with paper!  They have also been seeking further information on the moon.  This week some children began a moon journal.  They will use our classroom calendar to draw a picture of the moon phase for each day and track how it changes throughout the month.  Following the children’s interest, we are going to begin a unit on the moon and space. In preparation for the unit, we asked the children what they already know about the moon and space.  The children knew a lot of facts about space including; the littlest planet is far away, planets have moons and the moon is round.  We also asked them what they want to know about the moon and space.  These questions and their responses will help us create a curriculum that is meaningful and exciting to the children.

Judaic Studies

Morah Chani continued her discussion of Creation.  She read from the books “The Seven Days of Creation” and “In the Beginning”.  We learned the Hebrew language for a mess, Light, dark, sky, water, trees, plants, grass, sun, moon, stars, fish, birds, people and animals.  To help us remember what Hashem created each day, we sang the song “Hashem Created..” which is sung  to the  tune of “Where is Thumbkin?”.

“Hashem created, Hashem created

Light and dark, Light and dark

That was on the first day, that was on the first day,

All was good all was good!”    Ask your child to teach you the rest of the song.

Shabbat Party – November 4th.

Thank-you for Bina’s family for providing delicious treats and celebrating Shabbat with us this week.


Benzi had a fun time with Bina and her family this week. They went to the zoo and saw Gibbons and sleeping Polar bears, ate Challah bread and, as a very special treat, got to eat dinner on the couch!

Shabbat Party – November 11th

Today our Shabbat party was hosted by Dahlia’s family.  Thanks for the delicious Oreo’s and Apples!

Story Drama

This week, Story Drama continued after a break for the holidays.  The problem this week was that Morah Anne Marie could not go to sleep!  The children tried giving her snacks , reading stories and getting a blankie to help her sleep.  Eventually we were able to get her to sleep.  She read the book: “Beep, Beep. Got to Sleep”, which is a story about little robots having trouble getting their little boy to sleep.  when they eventually do get him to sleep they play very quietly for the rest of the night, because of course,  Robots do not need to sleep!.

Mr. Healy

Mr. Healy continued to talk with the children about how we use self-talk to help us with every day things such as cleaning up.  The children were encouraged to make up songs for the things they are doing to help keep them on track.  He also practiced with the children how to ask for something we want or need in a respectful way.  The children were encouraged to ask for something using a strong voice, while making eye contact.  The phrase we will be using to help the children remember this is: “please ask in a strong, respectful way”.   The children got to role play with each other and practice using strong and respectful voices to ask for help or something they need.






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